Eating chicken not harmful after outbreak of coronavirus

Discussion has come out in different region of the world including Pakistan and India whether the consumption of chicken is safe or not after outbreak of coronavirus in China.

Eating chicken not harmful after outbreak of coronavirusPoultry association in the country has claimed that poultry including chicken is not involved in the transmission of corona virus.

No case has been reported so far that confirming involvement of chickens in transmission of coronavirus disease to humans.

However the poultry industry has started receiving a setback in this region of the country and the prices of chicken products have started showing a downward trend particularly after rumours spread through social media.

Central Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association Dr. Muhammad Aslam has already said in a statement that the chicken being sold all across Pakistan is safe for consumption in all aspects and its use is beneficial for health.

He termed all the information being floated through social media as baseless and concocted. In a statement issued by PPA, Dr. Aslam said the chicken meat being sold in Pakistan has nothing to do with coronavirus and the advice for public to not to use chicken products for 60 days being posted on social media is baseless having no scientific reason. He termed the rumours as misinformation and a pack of lies.

The Federal Ministry of National Food Security and Research has also clarified the information disseminated through social media about presence of coronavirus in chickens. The ministry has stated that neither coronavirus nor any other type of such virus is found in chicken and hence its consumption is safe.