Farmers massive loss as delay in wheat procurement

Farmers are suffering substantial losses due to Sindh government’s decision to not procure wheat this year. The Sindh Chamber of Agriculture (SCA) has condemned the delay in wheat procurement as it induce financial fatalities to the wheat growers.

Farmers massive loss as delay in wheat procurementThe SCA President Qabool Muhammad Khatian criticized  that “The delay in the official wheat procurement has exposed the wheat farmers to exploitation.”

He further pointing out that against the provincial government fixed rate of Rs1,300 per 40kg wheat, the traders in the open market were paying only Rs1,050 to Rs1,150. “This is a big injustice to the farmers.”

The meeting also talks over the shortage of water that is an alarming concern now a days and the constantly mounting cost of the agricultural inputs like fertilizer, pesticides, diesel and other inputs frightened the farmer’s livelihood.

The negotiation concluded that the government and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) must need to be in command lessening the rates of the inputs because the farmers were not being paid ample price for their crops.

The farmers at the talks demanded that the Sindh Government to provide Rs5,000 per acre subsidy to the growers of soybean crop subsequent the subsidy being given by the Punjab government.