Future of AI and its impact on business and humanity
AI means Artificial intelligence, which empowers computers to think like a human, it can do better job than a human can or ever will. In the next five years, AI powered Self-Driving Cars will be on roads in the first world countries, but are AI driven cars safe?
Future of AI and its impact on business and humanity
Author: Mohsin Raza Abro
In fact, AI driven cars will be much safer than a human driven cars since AI can see and hear in all directions while human being is limited to 150° degree sight and eventually causes traffic blunders everyday. On the other hand, the transportation trucks will run 24/7 since AI can’t sleep or rest.
In some countries, Security cameras use AI to recognize and track people with what they’re doing in public, they can recognize and save people’s facial structures and even inform the government of  unusual or criminal faces.
The factories have been replacing human workers with AI bots, since they cost less, work faster, and don’t get tired, neither they’ll ask for a raise.
Including Facebook and other small business companies who need checkers and maintainers for their pages and data, have replaced human workers with AI.
Restaurants will replace waiters with drones and companies like Uber will rapaciously launch AI-Driven taxis. While sending people home infuriated and jobless, On the other hand, Amazon has automated AI software that fires low productive workers.
AI does laser eye surgeries and cures 50+ kinds of diseases while maintaining 96% success rate, SpaceX also tested their AI Controlled Rocket which launched and landed by itself successfully
AI is Used in almost every industrial game, you set the difficulty of an enemy bot to maximum and he will become your in-game nemesis that you can never defeat, examples are chess but since chess is really limited and has it’s rules, so it’ll be easy for ai to defeat anyone, but the  Chinese historical game, GO, is just unpredictable,
So we don’t need calculations to beat it, therefore, the ultimate nemesis, called Alpha GO was developed, the  Alpha GO (AI) that has defeated all the top 50 worldwide pro GO players simultaneously​ one by one, And
Then Alpha Zero crushed Alpha GO by 100-0 , and alpha zero just learned by playing with itself, and it can play any game, you just place the rules in and the AI will Become superhuman in that game.
In 2017, Facebook halted development of their AI bots when they started talking to each other in their own language. A little spooky part comes when we hear any relative or public figure saying something that he/she never said!
I’m talking about the voice cloning AI,it can clone any person’s voice, by just taking one minute voice sample of particular person, this can make fake audio recordings of any person and abuse their life or even send them to jail, Search this on YouTube to see it in action!
Now the problem with AI business  is that its taking human jobs, but this problem can be resolved if people consider bending ways of their investments to better directions. The Major problem about AI is that its advancing so high that it has ability to gain access to nuclear launch codes, deliver fake data to rival countries or even replicate human speech.
Since AI don’t have moral Judgement, AI business can go into bad hands and be weaponized into bringing destruction’s. Imagine, if someone develops an AI-Piloted drone that hovers over the earth and shoots everything That looks like a human, in the meantime, charges itself from sunlight, and also has clever tactics in dodging counter-attacks from people. 
In July, 2019, Elon musk’s OpenAI project, AGI, which replicates the human brain into AI brain, received one billion dollars from Microsoft for development. Elon Musk, who himself preaches about the threats of AI, is himself developing the most fascinating and frightening AI. Is it because he wants AI to be Developed By good hands? Or maybe he is the undercover supervillain of 21st century?
All those sci-fi movies that we have seen and the stories we have read, are not very far from turning into reality. So how will the AI technology shape our future? Will the Civilizations perish? Will we will be living with between humanoids? Or will the technology go into bad hands and end up mechas (Giant robots) regurgitating the scum of the Earth?