Colorful candies harms child’s health

Many parents have habit of giving candies or other sugary items to their kids as a reward or incentive for their good behavior and grandparents to lighten up their little faces. Teachers or tutors give candies on achievements in studies.

Colorful candies harms child’s healthChildren celebrate their success by eating candies, and prefer it over any other foods. Candy is basically made of sugar, in addition to some other ingredients such as fats, colors and flavors.

Giving candies or other sugary items to children as reward on the other hand, is as bad as giving them poison. It will be harmful if a child is eating candies or other sugary items in excess amount.

 Kids love candies but consuming too many sugary foods and beverages can cause many health problems. Researches find out harmful effects on child’s health due to access intake of candy or sugar addiction.

Major symptoms include tooth decay, obesity and nutrition deficiencies, tremors, high blood pressure, swelling and mood changes. It brings changes in activity level of children such a child becoming more overactive, unfocused, disorganized, irritable and lethargic than usual. It may cause a child to become drowsy.  It increases risk factors for cancer, depression and chances of dying from heart disease. It harms kidneys and cause cavities.

Candies health or other sugary items are not good for us. Occasionally it’s okay to take them, but don’t want to make it a habit, because we want to promote healthy choices. It’s not necessary to eliminate all sugar from your child’s diet. Moderate consumption of sugar can be part of a healthy diet. Parents should give candies to children in limited amount.

Children in Pakistan eat candies in large amount because of easy access and availability. In fact, candies sells in many schools and public places.  I request to government, food regulatory authorities and administration of schools to issued a notification regarding banning or restricting the sale and availability of candies in schools.

They should replace or sell traditional and healthy sweet food items instead of candy. The most thrilling part in the supermarket for kids is to buying colorful candies and sweets. So the government tries to ban grocery, general stores and markets from stocking them with candy and sweets.