Molecular biology is developed from other sciences

As far as my concern is related I would like to share that molecular biology has arrived as a revolutionary field from the 21st century and it has emerged from other sciences.

Molecular biology is developed from other sciencesHaving a separate system of education as in degree of masters, bachelors etc and it occupies a central space in chemistry, biochemistry, genetics etc.

When DNA was discovered in 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick
marked a milestone in the history of science and gave rise to modern molecular biologist. Biologists use some techniques in molecular biology but these techniques are generally occurred or concerned with Biochemistry and Genetics.

As we know that biochemistry deals with the study of chemical processes found in biomolecules; bio means related to life or organisms,it also tells us about the chemistry between these molecules as Glycolysis, photosynthesis. Moreover in Genetics;the study of genes of organisms, their mutants is related.

Molecular biology biology is a massive study and it interfaces with computer science as in bioinformatics. Molecular Genetics is the most prominent field of molecular biology. In Cell biology, molecular biological techniques are used directly or indirectly, as in cell composition, reactions etc.

Molecular’s techniques are used in evolution and population genetics and paleontology also gives us clue about composition of fossils. Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Chemistry are related to this field just because they deal with molecules found in animals, plants, and their reactions, composition, mechanism etc.

This field plays a huge role in biological development,research,
techniques and can give us much more new information about
unknown origins of life and can make a revolution in the field of

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