Dr. Zaigham plant tree with foreign delegates at CUI, Abbottbad

Ministry of Climate Change, Dr. Zaigham Abbas Plant one tree under Plant for Pakistan and Plant for Abbotabad campaign along with the Chinese and Canadian delegates during the 8th ESDev international conference held at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottbad Campus.

Dr. Zaigham plant tree with foreign delegates at CUI, AbbottbadDr. Zaigham planted a tree to make Green Pakistan and addressed the delegation at CUI Abbottobad about the government’s objective of planting 100 million trees till 2021 under Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Movement.

He stated that, there is a chance that the speed of deforestation proceeds with the seriousness of impacts of climate change and has floods, heat waves, dust storms, urban flooding, land erosion and landslides and, health problems.

To alleviate climate change and its severe impacts effectively the Green Pakistan Programme, is a clear indicator towards protecting socioeconomic sectors and livelihoods of the people from the peril climate change impacts.

As, the international conference on ‘Environmentally Sustainable Development’ ESDev 2019 addressed the Climate Change and Glacier Dynamics, Dynamics of Emerging Pollutants from Assessments to Remediation and the last one Climate Responsive Architecture.

During the moot, Dr. Zaigham Abbas highlights the key challenges and how to sensitize the critical environmental issues. He actively discussed the real-time issues, examining the current practices and determining the future policies on the subject.