Muhafiz app initiative aimed to child abuse free Punjab

The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) launched the mobile app named “Muhafiz” aimed to search the homeless children who run away from their homes in Punjab.

Muhafiz app  initiative aimed to child abuse free PunjabCPWB Sarah Ahmad, Chairperson along with Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry launched collaboration with Mohafiz. This collaboration is a major initiative toward child abuse free Punjab.

The Muhafiz app is an alternative to all of these emergency helplines operating in Pakistan. Through this app a lost child can be reported to Child Protection Bureau whilst provide information about lost children found to Child Protection Bureau.

The app is very simple. You have to put your information at the time of setup, you can also enter some information if you have a special medical conditions like BP , cancer, diabetes.

After that, you have to enter 5 ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts. In emergency situation,  click on the application widget to launch the application.

The screen shows two buttons; Red and Orange. For an immediate emergency press red button , a SMS will be immediately send out your location and a general distress message to your ICE contacts. Otherwise orange for evolving situation.

CPWB Chairperson Sarah Ahmed stated that “We will update the information of rescued children on the app on a daily basis.”

“If any citizen finds a missing child, they can share the child’s information through the Muhafiz app instead of delivering them to an organization.” 

Backed, the muhafiz app also saved 350 lives in Pakistan in various issues.