The Pakistan Code website launch to ensure laws access

Pakistan Ministry of Law and Justice have launched a website named The Pakistan Code and a mobile application aimed to ensure speedy justice to the community by providing easy access to federal laws whilst to augment the competence of the judicial system. 

The Pakistan Code website launch to ensure laws accessThe Pakistan code website is a first step towards the provision of justice to the people at their doorsteps. As for the public understanding the website is in both English and Urdu version and a mobile app contains the archives of the last seventy two years.  

The Law Minister Farogh Naseem announced that Pakistan Code website contains more than 900 laws and an archive dating back to 1948 that will be a powerfull tool for lawyers, judges, public servants, students and researchers.

The Constitution of Pakistan, criminal laws, international cases, family laws, civil laws, labor laws and rules of business are mentioned on the website.

In order to lessen the hassle of visiting libraries or invest money to know about laws the law ministry in line with the requirements of the people provides unproblematic access to the laws on their smartphones, laptops or tabs.

The opening of the website upholds the strategies to promote law to a layman in the rule of law and administration of justice.