Mobile phone radiations impact on pregnant women

Through the columns of your reputable TechnologyTimes daily, I want to draw the attentions of our society towards the impact of mobile phone radiations on pregnant women and infants. An international group of doctors and scientific experts urge pregnant women to limit their exposure to wireless radiation from cell phone. These mobile phone radiations harm the brain development of unborn baby. More research is needed to determine exactly how the developing brain is effected, but in the meantime, they certainly have enough evidence of potential harm to recommend taking simple precautions. There is alarming increase in the number of children diagnosed with neurological disorder over the past decade. According to the international experts, nerve cells may not communicate the way they should and as a result there can be permanent changes in the electrical wiring of the brain that can have consequences all across the entire lifespan of upcoming generations. Considering this severe radiations hazard, what should the pregnant women do if used mobile phones?

  1. They should avoid carrying their cellphones on their body.
  2. Avoid holding cellphones against their body, when in use.
  3. Avoid using cellphones in elevators and trains.
  4. Avoid exposure to wifi routers.
  5. Switch-off wifi devices when not in use.

Author: Islam Tahir