How technology is ruining youth and education ?
What is the purpose of school? We, as a society have lost track of the purpose of school. Technology has gotten in the way of what’s really important. School is about learning, listening to the teacher, showing respect, participating in class and working together, not against each other. Today, schools are allowing technology to interfere with learning. Facebook and cell phones are destroying this generation of children. When students are more focused on their status and who’s getting more “likes” on Facebook, we have failed them. Parents need to stand up and stop being friends with their children and be role models and parents first. Who can blame the children when the parents are gossiping and Facebooking like little children? Parents should not stand next to their child and be an equal. They need to stand above them to show them the way and to guide them. Many children today cannot cope with life because their education and upbringing is inadequate. Schools and parents are failing to raise their kids, and as a result these kids never become adults. On the school front, schools need to make a stance and not allow technology to get in the way of the classroom. Block social media. Have a no-tolerance policy for cell phone use. Our country is losing ground when it comes to youth education. We are failing to educate our youth the way they need to be educated. Cell phones, texting and Facebook won’t get our children jobs. What will? A well-rounded education. How can we combat this dilemma so that social media is brought to our attention? If schools won’t block and refuse social media, then add courses on social technology and responsibility to our school curricula. Many adolescents do not understand that what they do online exposes them to the whole world – sometimes forever. It will affect their job searches, their choice of a mate and their careers. If we can teach them about safe sex and drug abuse, we can teach them to exercise prudence in their online communications, too. It’s time the adults start being adults and teach our children what’s important.
Author: Anas Saeed