One million plastic bags in ICT reduced by August 14

After a very successful campaign “Islamabad to go plastic bags free by August 14” bring into being the true implementation of polythene bags regulations in the Capital’s Itwar bazaar, Tahzeeb Bakers, Karachi Company and Punjab Cash & Carry.

One million plastic bags in ICT reduced by August 14Dr Zaigham Abbas, Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC) founded that more than one million polythene bags reduced within three days in Islamabad after the actions taken by the Ministry of Climate Change, Pak EPA, ICT administration, MCI, CDA and media partners Technology Times.

The alternatives of polythene bags like cotton bags, jute bags and polypropylene bags are used in the Islamabad markets. Considering the initiative, a favorite of all Pakistan’s outstanding fashion brand Sapphire comes up with eco-friendly “little by little “canvas bags to combat the peril of raising plastic pollution.

The concerned authorities trying to get rid of the deleterious exploit of polythene bags by promoting such environmental awareness campaigns. In order to restrain plastic pollution the use of eco-friendly or paper bags must be a need of hour.

The concerned committee looks forward to continue the plastic free campaign in the local markets as well. But if the vendors of plastic bags at local market halt the eco-friendly revolution then a strict action must be taken against them.