Sapphire comes up with eco-friendly canvas bags

A favorite of all Pakistan’s outstanding fashion brand “Sapphire Retail Limited” comes up with eco-friendly canvas bags as part of the brand’s Independence Day campaign named “little by little” to combat the peril of raising plastic pollution.

Sapphire comes up with eco-friendly  canvas bagsSapphire reusable canvas bags are made from residual fabric and can carry up to three kilogram in weight, will be available to all sapphire outlets in the long run onwards 7th August, 2019.

The brand’s campaign is motivated towards altering the practice of consuming single-use plastic and paper bags and cheering customers to use canvas bags in their day-to-day life as an alternative to polythene bags.

The brands official statement states that “With the current level of environmental degradation and deforestation prevalent in Pakistan, Sapphire as a brand has opted to play its part by tackling waste and replacing paper bags.”

The brand’s previous Independence Day campaign involved the introduction of seed-embedded shopping bags made from cotton waste. This year’s campaign kicked off during Ramadan and distributed 10,000 canvas bags in “Ramazan Bachat Bazaar” throughout Lahore.

Sapphire brand campaign “little by little” trying to get rid of the deleterious exploit of plastic bags. In order to restrain plastic pollution the use of eco-friendly or paper bags should be promoted by creating such environmental awareness campaigns.