Citizen feedback program wins the World Bank-GDI

Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP), a flagship Punjab government program, run by Punjab Information Technology Board, has been selected as one of the 5 winning case studies in the Global Delivery Initiative (GDI) competition organized by the World Bank.

Citizen feedback program wins the World Bank-GDIGlobal Delivery Initiative (GDI) is a collaborative effort of 40 development organizations to create a database of delivery challenges worldwide and innovative solutions to overcome them.

GDI along with World Bank launched its first Case Study Competition in January 2019. The core goals of GDI case studies are to identify challenges and bottlenecks that arise during project implementation; analyze their root causes; trace how practitioners dealt with these problems; and actions performed to address delivery challenges.

GDI had received 47 case studies from 29 organizations, addressing a range of development challenges in countries around the world.

The submissions were evaluated by the panel of experts from the Inter-American Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management, and the World Bank.

The panel evaluated each submission and determined the five winning case studies.

CFMP is already a globally recognized program, acknowledged by international publications such as Princeton Review and Foreign Policy Magazine.

CFMP was also selected by the World Bank as one of the 15 initiatives globally that are helping improve governance through innovative use of technology (World Bank Global Report 2018).

CFMP is designed to collect feedback from identified citizens who utilize public services. In turn, the feedback is used to identify problem areas and monthly performance reports are shared with government officials to take evidence based corrective measures for improving public service delivery.

In order to contact citizens proactively, cell numbers are collected from the service delivery points such as public hospitals, Property Registration Branches, Driving Licenses and Rescue 1122 etc., and Interactive Robo-calls/SMS are sent to collect feedback from the citizens that automatically gets integrated into an online portal accessible to officials across Punjab.

CFMP presently monitors 25 different public services across Punjab, more than 28 million citizens have been contacted till date to solicit their feedback.