Dr. Kaiser Bengali the economist forewarned that Thar should be ready for a new life style after mega projects in Thar coalfield and take the stand against the government to demand basic facilities. Thar can be the game changer for the economy of the province as well as Pakistan. So, Thar should keep itself up-to-date according to circumstances, he said.

Dr. Bengali said at the workshop titled ‘Tharparkar transformation and opportunities’ organized by the Skill Enhancing and Research Home of the Children (SEARCH) organization.

He believed Thar was in a critical phase and those who thought to get benefits from the transformation would lose in return.

Positive revolution can be brought in people’s life in strategic planning from the government, mining firms, and locals, the coal projects. But unfortunately, Thar cannot get the benefit if they will not have technical and non-technical education, he said. Regretfully education among girls is miserable.

He urged Sindh government for opening model schools at union council level and effective monitoring system for ensuring the quality education.

He also emphasized participants to collaborate with mining firms for making policies that will not affect Thar and environment in the name of progress.

Politicians and other representatives of local government play their part for creating awareness in people of the backward area of the desert for their bright future appealed Dr. Bengali.

Dr. Allah Nawaz Samoon, chief executive officer of Thar deep Rural Development Programme, demanded the government should work at the grassroots level and engage locals instead of focusing only on towns. Education was a key element for bringing changes in the lives in Thar.

Partab Shivani, the social lobbyist, lamented that the government was minimum intrigued by rolling out even slight improvements in the region. “One could gauge the administration’s approach from the way that amid last monetary year a gigantic measure of Rs1,500 million implied for training arrangement of the locale was authorised to slip by,” he said.

Pakistan Peoples Party leader Shusheel Malani said that a Sindh government was giving attention to health and education in the area.

In any case, the procedure to update the spoiled framework would most likely take a moment, he said and communicated the expectation the circumstance would show signs of improvement soon.