Extra virgin oil extraction plant has been installed by Barani Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) by Chakwal for the production of world class virgin oil.

The extraction plant is imported from Italy worth Rs29.560 million and the imported system has fruit delegating, washing system, crushing mill and transfer pump said Dr. Ahmad Tariq Head of BARI.

“Project was designed to encourage and facilitate the cultivators to increase edible oil production in Pakistan”, he added while talking to APP.

During the current growing season in the 3rd week of this month estimated oil extraction from the plant is 10 ton as the plant holds the capacity 500kg per hour oil extraction he further explained.

He informed that 4-ton olive was extracted last year because the plant holds an extraction capacity of 50kg per hour. To lessen the poverty rate 3,166 acres land cultivated with olives in Potohar, Punjab. This will also allow in a reduction in dependence on imported oil.

He informed that during the last year about 4-ton olive was extracted as the plant had a capacity of extracting 50kg per hour only. He said the olive trees had been planted over 3,166 acres of land in Potohar region of Punjab province to reduce dependence on oil imports and bring the marginal agriculture land under cultivation to lessen poverty from the country.

He added that under the olive Valley project almost about 428,000 olive plantlets cultivated for 2015-20 that is in five years. Approximately 15,000 acres of land especially waste or marginal land is brought into cultivation of olive plantlets covered by 2 million olive plantlets.

The purpose of the project is to promote local industry and tumbling on imported olive oil for domestic consumption. The punjab government has collaborated with development partners and donor agencies started ‘Olive Valley Project’ for the time period of 5 years, so, that olive cultivation is encouraged in Pakistan. Olive Valley declared was Potohar Region and cultivation in other six districts named Rawalpindi, Jehlum, Chakwal, Khoshab, and Attock has started.

He pertained that government is offering every possible help to growers such as free olive plants, 60% subsidy on drip-irrigation installation, 70% subsidy on water resource development. For the promotion of industrial rural women will be trained for producing by-products of olive like olive jam, pickle. Pakistan has consumed $1.748 billion on the import of about 2,409,220 metric ton olive oil in 11 months during the preceding fiscal year.