For achieving the vision of transformed Pakistan into a developed society we need to sustain, dedicated and concrete efforts in all sectors of science and technology. The bunch of top scientist of the world collected in the inauguration of the of the two-week long 42nd International Nathiagali Summer College (INSC) on Physics and Contemporary Needs. Eminent scientist of the country and Chairman PAEC, Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, NI, HI, SI have inaugurated the INSC.

The chief guest of the occasion has appreciated Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) for holding Nathiagali Summer College without any pause since last42 years. Pakistan has a chance to have bright and talented youth that can one day lead the nation. It is our responsibility to deal with them and make them prepared to face challenges regarding science and technology that will enable them to grow and become a responsible citizen of Pakistan. Nathiagali Summer Colleges have set up a traditional offering stimulus to the scientific activities in the country, especially in physics.

He also congratulated PAEC for completing C-3 and C-4 in time and hopeful for in timely completion of K-2 and K-3. We need electrical energy certainly and nuclear power plants will be of critical importance in energy production.

He appreciated PAEC’s efforts in agriculture, industry, and cancer diagnostic and treatment has its setup across Pakistan. This all then is possible only because of investment on human resource development and getting as per need workforce.

He also appreciated very productive efforts of PAEC in the field of agriculture, industry, and especially cancer diagnostic and treatment care that it has set up across the country. This success has been possible because PAEC has been investing in human resource development and has been producing a workforce for its specific needs.

Muhammad Naeem, HI, SI, the Chairman PAEC said while addressing the occasion PAEC is functioning in collaboration with international organizations such as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). PAEC is highest recipients of technical support since 2004, while many other research and training programs with IAEA in the pipeline. The Nathiagali college has an affiliation with AS-ICTP and received both financially & scientifically support from the prestigious Institute. He added that this year we have the benefit of 40 foreign professors traveled to share the advancement of science at this forum.