Zahid Hamid the Minister for Climate Change informed media that Pakistan is to take part in International Snow Leopard Conservation Summit (ISLCS). ISLCS is planned to be happening in coming August in the Republic of Kyrgyz stated the minister during his meeting with Kyrgyz ambassador Erik Beishembievpaid.

“The government of Pakistan is making every possible effort for the conservation of Snow Leopard due to which the population of snow leopard has increased”, said Zahid Hamid.

Pakistan and the Kyrgyz Republic are having some heartfelt pleasant and brotherly ties. Inspector General Forest Nasir Mehmood informed the ambassador that Trophy Hunting was playing a significant role in the conservation of Markhor population.

Trophy hunting is that the hunter keeps the animal’s head, skin or any other body part as a souvenir.  This is a lawful and prosperous industry.

He highlighted that the joint research project is in progress covering the distinctive features of snow leopard including habitat, DNA, ecosystem of Quid-i-Azam University in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Ambassador strained the need for enhancing trade relations between both countries.

“The Kyrgyz Republic is part of “one belt one road” it will help decreasing distance and cost. ” he added.

Both countries agreed for increasing bilateral and trade relations and Snow Leopard Conservation Summit successful.