STAFF REPORT LHR: The biological research encompasses various techniques and skills that a researcher must be acquainted with. The Virtual University (VU), leader in distant leading, organized one day national conference on Insight of Molecular Techniques used in Applied Biological Research. The conference was organized by Department of Molecular Biology, VU in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The conference aimed at stirring the promotion of applied research in biology by engaging researchers and students of biology with reputed experts, researchers.

Rector VU, Dr Naveed A Malik inaugurated the conference. The speakers Prof Dr Mansoor Ellahi Babar and Dr Muhammad Nawaz flashed light on various aspects of biological research and the techniques through which problem solving research could be conducted. Aftab Ahmed, President National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) also participated in the event and shared his expertise in the field of biological research with the participants.

The workshop was an informative and knowledgeable for the audience and budding researchers as many pro researchers accompanied with them and shared various useful research techniques with them. The speakers of the workshop also emphasized on need of collaborative and interdisciplinary research and bridging the interdepartmental gap within universities to conduct a comprehensive research.

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