STAFF REPORT LHR: The technical education and skill development can account for industrial needs and unemployment issue. The diploma holders and certification holders in different trainings are the middle tiers in the industry and their skill development can ensure the proper execution of various operations in industry which are currently being compromised due to lack of skilled human resource.

The Urban Sector Planning and Management Services Unit (USPMSU) and Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) have launched a 3 month vocational and skill development training program.

“The productivity of national technical organizations and economic growth can be substantially increased through capacity building in technical domains and transforming youth potentials into synergies. This can only be possible by equipping youth with the requisite hands on experience and development of their skills through a comprehensive training program. This joint initiative of USPMSU and PSDF is the thread of same resolve and will produce eminent human resource in the technical fields which will play their part in national development after completion of the trainings”.

The program is launched under the patronage of the Skills for Employability Scheme 2015; a DFID (UKAID) sponsored project, funded by the PSDF and executed by the Urban Unit in order to empower the unemployed youth.

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