Formation of PHA voiced in NA

STAFF REPORT ISB: The growing Muslim population in the world has triggered a greater potential in Halal food sector and companies across the globe are emphasizing on it. There is a need for the development of Halal food sector in Pakistan and regulation of halal trade which will boost national economy.

The Pakistan Halal Authority (PHA) establishment has been voiced in the National Assembly (NA). The much awaited bill on setting up of PHA was moved in NA. The purpose of establishment of PHA is the formation of a legally authorized body to regulate and certify the companies producing the halal food.

“There are around 50 Halal certified companies exporting internationally which makes the certification an important aspect of Pakistans trade portfolio. There are state of art Halal slaughter houses exporting to Middle-East markets following international manufacturing standards and compliances”, a senior official from Ministry of National Food Security and Research said while commenting on importance of establishment of PHA.

The PHA will be good variable in Pakistan to ensure halal food development and escalating the exports keeping in view that currently Pakistan`s share in international market for halal food export is very meager and can be brought to a sizable level.

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