STAFF REPORT IBD: Livestock in the country are underfed, barring Pakistan to meet standards of international market which has emerged as a real challenge and it needed to be effectively addressed.

Speakers agreed on this point during a recently held seminar titled ‘Livestock management under heat stress’ arranged by the University of Agriculture Faisalabad’s Faculty of Animal Husbandry in collaboration with Ghazi Brothers.

On the occasion, UAF’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, said that animals needed especial attention of the farmers because the scorching heat disturbed productivity. Special treatments, he said, are needed with the help of awareness and capacity building.

Expressing his concern over the low milk production in the country, he said that it is far lower than other countries despite the fact that there were 50 million livestock animals.

Dr Zurong Wang of a Thai livestock market company CP Group told the audience about nutritional management of layer under heat stress.

Faculty’s Dean Prof. Dr Muhamamd Sarwar briefed the audience about heat stress management in dairy sector, especially in cows. He said that a decrease in the fiber diet under scorching heat increases milk production in the cows. He called for avoiding high production diet in summer.

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