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When human beings were created they were given brain, in order to materialize their way of living the way they want. They went from making simple to complex machines, that will not only help them in solving their ever increasing problems but will also prove a tool for the betterment of their society. Computers played a pivotal role in developing a society that not only gave them social benefits but helped them in advancing a motive that induce a better society that we are looking today. But it was not a matter of magic wand, it took decades for man to arrange such tools which as a result gave them powerful computers we are used to of working in our homes, offices and industries.

World Smallest Computer Created(till date):

This is a type of Computer that has been recently launched by the scientist, it is said to be worlds smallest computer in terms of its size. Researchers recently discovered the primary  millimeter-scale computing system which is as small as the letter N on the back of a penny or the letters in this sentence. This computer could be a prototype of an implantable eye pressure, used as a monitor for glaucomic patients. This unit links up with different computers to seek wireless sensor network with compact radio that desires no tuning to search right frequency. Its working is followed by transplanting this computer into the eye of glaucomic patient and by building a simple network with our P.C that will show structural integrity of eye, from this we can easily detect the fault in the eye.To keep the battery charged, it needs exposure to 10 hours of indoor light daily or 1.5 hours of natural light i.e Sun light. Its said that, one day these mini computers will be able to track pollution, monitor structural integrity or make any object eventually smart or traceable.

Evidently there have been shown lot of interest in the possibility of formulating and applying nano scale computers. The idea of nano computing is used extensively in building this prototype computer. First of all they were proposed as a theoretical construct for considering the boundaries of computation, however  some researchers made a point that structurally laborious and economically vital drawbacks may be solved with much comfort using quantum interference. A smallest computer will not look like a machine with a box it would rather be a big magnet surrounded by other stuff. A smallest computer may not have the permanent data storage like P.Cs have (HARD DRIVE). It may need any device resemble to the monitor if an average person wants to work on it. The composition of this computer allows it to gain many advantages.

Nano technology has been widely used in processing and manufacturing these smallest computers. A nano technology may be defined as the engineering of operational system at a molecular scale. It is the study of maneuvering matter on an atomic and molecular level which is a very compact as well as a very useful study.Scientists are using nanotechnology for making tiny chips, electrical conductors and logic gates.

Nano technology gave rise to four other types of nanocomputers:

  • Electronic nanocomputers:

Electronic nanocomputer works on the way our present microcomputer works. The main distinction is of physical scale. Additional transistors are cuddled into silicon chip each passing year. Most engineers agreethat technology doesnt come ideal for pushing the limit of number of transistors per unit volume. Electronic nano computing is the basic computing that is used widely in building this prototype computer since transistors are required at every level to increase the performance of any electronic object.

  • Mechanical nanocomputers:

Mechanical nanocomputers would use tiny moving components called Nanogears for encoding information. Some   believe that nano technology is un-workable whereas some futurists are optimistic regarding the technology and that they have even proposed Nanorobots that will be operated or controlled by mechanical nano computers. Mechanics is also involved in transforming this miracle computer into reality.


  •  Chemical and Biochemical nanocomputers:

Chemical and Bio-chemical computers would store and process data in terms of chemical structure and interactions. Biochemical Nanocomputer exist in nature, they are manifested in all living things. But it is uncontrollable by Human for example we cannot program a tree to calculate the number of leaf or program an antibody to fight against diseases etc.  Since the computer is built to locate structural collapse in the eye so it is very important that this computer should follow all the chemical and bio-chemical processes that are on-going within the eye.

The idea of nano technology, building at an atomic level is now a Major research topic worldwide. Engineers have already come up with designs for simple mechanical structure like bearing, hinges, gears and pumps each made from afew collection of atoms. This might be possible that in the near future that a person will be well aware of such nanotechnology. This device is predicted to be commercially availablea in  the market several years from now.

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