STAFF REPORT KHI: Students from Sir Syed University for Engineering and Technology have developed an innovative way to produce electricity from bio-fuel.

According to details, the group from Electronics Department has invented a cheaper way as compared to other procedures for power generation through bio-bass or Methane Gas.

“The prevalent power crisis has compelled us to produce power from Methane gas using dung of livestock,” says Shazia, the team leader of the group.

“We have broken down organic material of dung into Fatty Acid, Amino Acid, fats and carbohydrate and then separated oxygen from it,” she added. Other members of the team included Sunbal Mubashar, Hasnain Ansari, Faheem Sheikh, Tariq Khaurshidi and Sharjeel Bashir.

She said that Methane gas is used to boil water in the power generation boiler which ultimately turns thermal energy into mechanical energy.

Then the mechanical energy can be used for generating electricity, she explained. “About 96-volt direct current can be obtained through electricity generated by bio-fuel,” she said.

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