STAFF REPORT KHI: After serving high-tech firms in Silicon Valley for 13 years, electrical engineers Afaque Ahmed and Yasin Altaf established their platform in 2004 in Pakistan in order to prepare future scientists, app developers and also to earn foreign exchange.
“We might have been able to earn a lot more in San Jose, California, but the satisfaction of staying close to our family and making some tangible contribution to society and the economy is unmatched,” said Ahmed.
They told the media that Pakistan is a wonderful place to do business and especially in something related to information and communications technology
In 2007, they launched Cloud BPO – a high tech IT outsourcing company that serves international telecom operators. The start-up grossed Rs80 million in revenues at the close of last business year.
“We also wanted to share our technical expertise and experience with our upcoming generation like our nephews, nieces and siblings, which had never been possible with us living in the valley,” Ahmed said.
The science-based lab that uses robotics to train young children about practical science is a fresh concept even in the US, Ahmed said.
The purpose is to expose children to the practical science, Ahmed said, through the use of state-of-the-art equipment including laptops, robotics kits and high-end software.

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