STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Chairman Prof. Dr. Manzoor H.Soomro represented Pakistan in the International Conference titled “Developing Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE): New Issues – The Roles of Assessment and the Relationship with Industry” recently held in Helsinki, Finland.
The conference was organized by the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP), ALLEA All European Academies, Finish Academy of Science and Letters and Finlands Science Education Centre, LUMA.
On the occasion, Dr. Manzoor told the participants of the conference that the method was imperative to boost the students’ learning process and help develop a strong relationship between students and teachers as learning was a two-way traffic.
The Inquiry-Based Learning is an instructional method developed during the discovery learning movement of the 1960s, he said. It was developed in response to a perceived failure of more traditional forms of instruction, where students were required simply to memorise fact-laden instructional materials. Inquiry learning is a form of active learning, where progress is assessed by how well students develop experimental and analytical skills rather than how much knowledge they possess.
Talking to the media, Scientific Officer PSF, Javed Chaudhary, said that the conference brought together different aspects of policy and practice that influence the development of IBSE.

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