STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani students have made an application that could be used to locate the position of missing or snatched mobile phones devices.
According to details, the application named Emergency Solution has made by the students of Sir Syed University but it can be used only in android based mobiles. The application sends all the information including location of the device to server through text message.
“After the installation of the application it can be activated from any server via IMEI number. The Emergency Solution sends all the information to original user through SMS after the activation,” an official said.
Some other group of students of the same varsity have also made a robot that could be useful for industries in Pakistan.
The students group comprises Mohammad Talha, Ali Rehan, Mohammad Awais, Asad Ali and Mohammad Saleem, has also secured a 2nd position in Robo Race competition in which the robot named Turtle 5 completed the target in 37 seconds.
“Turtle 5 can be used in industries to complete the work easily. The robot can be used to lift and move things from one place to another and there will be no need of labours to move things.” Talha, the group leader, told the media.

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