Sana Jamal Islamabad-Federal Minister for Climate Change called on young people to play an active part in the preservation of the environment and encouraged them to plant at least one tree. “Our standards of living can be made better only by keeping the environment clean and green”, said Minister Rana M. Farooq Saeed Khan who was addressing at an event to mark World Environment Day arranged here at Islamabad College for Girls (ICG), F-6/2 on Tuesday. With the motto Green Economy: Does it include you? the event was organised by Ministry for Climate Change in collaboration with Pakistan Wetlands Programme and ICIMOD.

A large number of young students attended the colourful event that comprised of tableaus, skits, puppet shows, and exhibition of recycled materials. A book on Wildlife of Western Himalayan region of Pakistan was also launched on the occasion.

The students of ICG presented a delightful play with the theme Carbon Footprint that demonstrated that how young people can make small efforts like throwing rubbish in bin, start recycling, turning off the tap, can make a huge difference to the society as a whole.

A remarkable poetic presentation portrayed the significance of a single tree that is generally ignored and put forward this message: when we cut down trees, we not only harm the environment but deprive ourselves of a valuable asset that may well provide fruits, vegetables, flowers, offer shade and are home to birds.

Dr. Ghulam Akbar, Senior Director, Pakistan Wetlands Programme, explaining the concept of Green Economy to kids, informed that “Trees play a significant role in keeping our environment clean so the more trees are planted the greener the economy.”

“On this environment day we should pledge to save and purify our environment from all the possible forms of pollution by joint efforts,” urged the Minister. Explaining some of the ways to preserve environment, the Minster said that special significance should be given on planting trees, wherever they are cut due to road extension. While it is also important to give due importance to waste management system by introducing proper disposal methods, he added.

Vice Principal of ICG informed the audience that as part of environmental friendly activities, the school has adopted certain measures such as installing solar panel to run computer systems, and rainwater harvesting system. “Children regularly plant trees while we also ask them to keep a record of how they are growing.”The occasion was a rare chance for young people to learn about issues of climate change and how these are likely to affect them in the future. A documentary presentation enlightened the kids about direct consequences of climate change on human and nature and to conserve natural energy resource to prevent environmental menace.

Courtesy: Pakistan Observer

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