STAFF REPORT IBD: The JK Dairies is set to contribute a significant share in Pakistans milk production as it is helping in the advance milk production efficiency in the country. The JK Dairies, a subsidiary of the JDW Group, is one of the largest and most efficient dairy farms in the country.
The brainchild of Jahangir Khan Tareen, Chairman of the JDW Group, JK Dairies was started in early 2007, right when the milk business in Pakistan was beginning to see more corporate players enter the market.
“The average Pakistani dairy farmer has no more than four to five animals. I started my farm with 1,000 animals, which were shipped in from Australia,” said Tareen told the media.
JK Dairies imported the Australian Friesian-Sahiwal, a breed that was created by the Australian state of Queensland in the 1960s by crossing the Sahiwal cow and the Friesian breed to produce a new cross-breed that combines the sturdiness of the Sahiwal with the lactation prowess of the Friesian.
The average Sahiwal cow produces about 2,270 litres of milk per lactation. The Friesian Sahiwal breed produces over 3,000 litres per lactation, about 32 per cent higher.
“We can compete with the world only by experimenting with the latest available technologies, and thats what we are doing,” Tareen said.

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