STAFF REPORT IBD: An agreement involving Rs. 3.15 billion has been signed for one of the USF projects related to Rural Telecom Services, Mastung Lot (Balochistan).
According to the agreement, USF has recently awarded projects for providing basic telephony and data services in Mastung Lot (Balochistan) and broadband services in Southern Telecom Region-V (Sindh), says a press release issued here last week.
It said that through the Rural Telecom Project in Mastung, basic telephony and data services will be provided to a population of 74,831 people which resides in 102 unserved muzas of Balochistan. This lot consists of Mastung, Nushki and Ziarat districts.
Federal Minister-IT, Raja Perviaz Ashraf, while chairing a meeting, has also remarked that the USF has been very actively running projects for providing ICT related services in Balochistan as well as rest of the provinces. So far, rural telecom projects for Pishin, Nasirabad and Mastung Lot which aim to provide basic telephony and data services in around 1,062 unserved muzas are benefitting a population of 791 thousand. Similarly under another programme, 44 unserved tehsil headquarters along with 29 towns will be connected through optical fiber cable benefitting more than 5 million population.
With these achievements, USF has created a success story for the public-private partnership entities nationally and internationally, it said.

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