STAFF REPORT IBD: Qubee has fired half of its staff comprising 150 officials in different departments to cut off its operational expenses as per austerity plan to reduce the gap between expenditures and revenue earnings.
According to sources, the Qubee, a Wimax broadband operator, has continued to cut jobs in its organization to restructure its business up to the current earning level after its parent company Augere Holdings has directed its subsidiary key officials to run the organization without foreign investment.
Qubee, in this regard, has reduced the number of employees from its sales, call center, technical and different departments by 150 out of nearly 300 total individuals in staff.
They were almost 100 members in the sales department of Qubee, which was reduced to 25 in all the four stations.
There is a department called SQUAD in which four technical professionals were working previously but now the whole department is based on one person as the company has sent them to home in the past couple of days.
Qubee also laid off two employees in its seven Customer Care Center in different cities whereas it fired senior manager of quality assurance yesterday, an official said on the condition of anonymity.

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