STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has specified Rs 1311.348 million under Public Service Development Program (PSDP) for 2012-13 for the 66 ongoing and new projects of science and technology research division.
According to the budgetary documents, Rs 80 million have been embarked for the provision of safe drinking water including establishment/upgradation of 24 water quality monitoring laboratories, installation of 24 demonstration water filtration plants, and assessment survey of all existing water supply schemes for all provinces.
Under PSDP, the government has specified Rs 280 million for construction of office building for the Ministry of Science and Technology and its organizations, Rs 47 million for up-gradation and modernization of building of PCSIR laboratories complex in Lahore, and Rs 80 million for establishment of COMSATS institute of information technology campus at Vehari.
Similarly, the government has also earmarked Rs15.8 billion under the PSDP.
The Planning Commission had proposed Rs1.4 billion for the Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS) for Master of Science (MS) and MPhil students to pursue PhD degrees in selected fields (Phase II), while the estimated cost was Rs14.5 billion. Another Rs625 million has been earmarked for the PhD fellowship programme for 5,000 scholarship-based students. The total estimated cost of the project was Rs6.3 billion, while the review stated that Rs3.9 billion was spent till June 2012.

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