STAFF REPORT KHI: Over 500 students of The Citizens Foundation (TCF) met professionals of the NED University last week to get a taste of what life is going to be like after they leave school. It was the second year of counselling for students who are mostly unsure about what career they want to pick.
Students enrolled at TCF are usually from low-income families and often end up taking up low-paid jobs early in life without a college degree. And so the school has come up with a list of its students who have joined some of the citys prestigious universities.
“Our students might not be working for multinational companies yet,” said Shazia Kamal, the manager at alumni and volunteer desk. “But one of our girls has gotten into Dow Medical College, a student is at IBA, three are enrolled at Aga Khan University and the list goes on. We are on the right track.”
Career counselling for students who have just taken secondary school exams makes sense, she said. “That is the time when students start to think about professions they will take up.”
“Male students have to work and that makes them so unique. They see the financial hardships of life up close and are far more practical than middle-class kids,” the manager of the alumni said.

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