Kaspersky Next: Endpoint Protection Meets EDR & XDR Agility

Kaspersky, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has launched its groundbreaking flagship product line, ‘Kaspersky Next.’

In a bid to address the escalating challenges posed by cyber threats, Kaspersky, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has launched its groundbreaking flagship product line, ‘Kaspersky Next.’ This innovative suite integrates robust endpoint protection bolstered by advanced AI capabilities, alongside the agility and responsiveness of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and the comprehensive tools of XDR (Extended Detection and Response).

Recent surveys reveal a stark reality: 52% of companies find security operations more daunting today than in previous years. A significant portion attributes this to the ever-evolving threat landscape (41%), while 20% cite the shortage of cybersecurity expertise as a major hurdle. In this dynamic environment, businesses require a trustworthy and all-encompassing cybersecurity solution to safeguard their digital assets effectively.

As a pioneer in technological innovation, Kaspersky has continuously evolved its offerings to meet the evolving needs of businesses, aiding them in establishing resilient cybersecurity frameworks.

‘Kaspersky Next’ emerges as a comprehensive line of cybersecurity products, transcending traditional EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) solutions by seamlessly integrating EDR and XDR functionalities tailored for organizations of varying sizes and industries. These advanced features empower companies to combat the increasingly prevalent, sophisticated, and evasive cyber threats, ensuring unparalleled visibility, control, rapid response, and proactive threat mitigation.

The deployment-agnostic nature of ‘Kaspersky Next’ facilitates both cloud-based and on-premise installations, providing companies with the flexibility to manage their cybersecurity operations through streamlined or enterprise-grade consoles, depending on their specific requirements.

This adaptability empowers businesses to erect formidable defenses against ransomware, malware, data breaches, and a spectrum of cyber intrusions, including Business Email Compromise and supply chain attacks.

‘Kaspersky Next’ introduces a plethora of automation features, such as cloud monitoring and blocking, vulnerability and patch management, IoC (Indicator of Compromise) scanning, and playbooks, alleviating the burden on cybersecurity teams while bolstering threat detection and remediation capabilities.

The product line offers three distinct tiers tailored to the varying needs and capacities of businesses:

1. Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations:

This tier provides robust endpoint protection with advanced threat identification and neutralization capabilities, coupled with flexible security controls suitable for companies where IT departments oversee information security.

2. Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum:

Tailored for businesses with limited information security resources, this tier offers essential EDR functionality, coupled with advanced controls, patch management, and cloud security, facilitating rapid threat response and mitigation.

3. Kaspersky Next XDR Expert:

Designed for companies equipped with experienced cybersecurity teams or Security Operations Centers (SOC), this tier aggregates and correlates data from diverse sources within the IT infrastructure, offering real-time visibility and sophisticated threat detection, with the added capability of seamless integration with third-party vendors.

‘Kaspersky Next’ seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing B2B product ecosystem, facilitating interoperability and enabling businesses to upgrade or migrate between tiers based on evolving cybersecurity needs.

Anton Ivanov, Chief Technology Officer at Kaspersky, remarked, “Kaspersky Next simplifies EDR and XDR for organizations of all sizes, empowering them with top-tier protection irrespective of their cybersecurity expertise. Our goal is to enable businesses to construct robust, cost-effective information security systems tailored to their unique requirements.”