Daraz Pakistan Hosted An Exclusive Seller Summit For Islamabad Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Merchants On 6th March, 2021.

ISLAMABAD: Daraz Pakistan Hosted An Exclusive Seller Summit For Islamabad Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Merchants On 6th March, 2021. This summit was organized in an effort to extend an offer to these businesses to sell online on Daraz without incurring any signup costs. Additionally, these businesses will be live within 24 hours through the facility of express sign-ups.

As a result of the pandemic, the frequency of online shopping in Pakistan has increased. Similarly, E-Commerce allowed sellers to continue their operations with no barriers of distance or time. During tough business situations, Daraz has always taken a lead when it comes to the development of the E-Commerce industry in Pakistan.

Many programs have been launched over the course of this year to onboard small businesses and help empower our local sellers. Daraz strives to minimize the gap between sellers and customers by providing them a platform which has an assortment of 15 million products and 100+ categories – comprising over 30,000 local sellers and over 450 brands.

The conference highlighted the benefits of selling on Daraz and the growing sector of the E-Commerce industry. Ehsan Saya – Managing Director Daraz Pakistan – said, “This Seller Summit is specially designed to pave ways for better opportunity for our sellers and our customers.” While acknowledging the efforts of Daraz, he expressed, “ICCI has always encouraged creating better business opportunities for everyone at a large scale.

At Daraz, we strive for the same goal. We are very happy to be providing this exclusive opportunity to ICCI to onboard onto Daraz in an easier manner and provide our customers with more options.”

Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that, “Our objective of organizing an E-Commerce Summit is to support the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for promoting digital economy in the country.” He added, “through the adoption of digital technologies, Pakistan has great potential to foster e-commerce across the country and make it an engine for rapid economic growth.”

The platform is a home to millions of users who come onto Daraz to fulfill their shopping needs. These businesses will have the privilege to face the surge of more shoppers coming onto the platform during Pakistan’s biggest online sales. Businesses supported by ICCI are going to be live just in time for the first mega “Daraz Sale” of the season – The Pakistan Day sale.