Dubai's Floating Man Unveils Groundbreaking Offshore Solar Solution

Dubai-based Floating Man, renowned for its expertise in floating structures, has unveiled a cutting-edge offshore solar solution poised to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape.

Dubai-based Floating Man, renowned for its expertise in floating structures, has unveiled a cutting-edge offshore solar solution poised to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape. In an exclusive interview with PV magazine, CEO Mehdi Honarvar shared the company’s ambitious plans, revealing negotiations for contracts to deploy this groundbreaking system are already underway.

With a focus on harnessing the untapped potential of open seas, Floating Man aims to spearhead a shift from ground-based photovoltaic (PV) installations to expansive offshore floating solar projects. The company is currently scouting locations for a pilot project, emphasizing the uniqueness of its technology designed to thrive in the challenging conditions of the open sea.

According to Honarvar, the novel structure boasts the ability to withstand winds reaching up to an impressive 160 km/h and promises a remarkable lifespan of 30 years. Constructed with a robust steel framework and corrosion-resistant coating, the system is supported by 30 floating pontoons strategically engineered for optimum safety during high winds and hurricanes.

“Those pontoons can create the highest safety during wind and hurricane,” said Honarvar. “We also have a patent for offshore floating breakwater, which, among other use cases, can supply additional protection for floating solar projects.”

Each floating platform spans an impressive area of 900 square meters by 32 meters by 28.12 meters, accommodating up to 200 solar modules with capacities reaching 700 W. With a total weight of 50,000 kg, including panels, the structure showcases the meticulous design and engineering invested in its development.

One standout feature highlighted by Honarvar is the flexibility in panel installation. Developers can position the solar panels at various angles, including the utilization of bifacial modules, showcasing the adaptability of the system to different environments and solar conditions.

“Our floating solar structure is so designed that it prevents solar panels from flooding when exposed to a 2-meter wave height and does not need a separate wave breaker,” the company stated. “Also, the existing structure itself leads to wave cancellation of at least 45%. In case of high tides with high water level changes, there will be no problem.”

This innovation not only provides a robust solution for harnessing solar energy in open sea conditions but also incorporates measures to mitigate potential challenges posed by adverse weather conditions. The incorporation of a patented offshore floating breakwater further underscores the company’s commitment to addressing multifaceted challenges in offshore solar deployment.

Floating Man’s foray into offshore solar comes at a time when many nations are actively seeking alternatives to traditional ground-based PV installations. The potential advantages, including increased energy production and reduced competition for land, make offshore floating solar an attractive proposition for countries exploring sustainable energy options.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the technology presented by Floating Man could have far-reaching economic implications. As countries transition to cleaner energy sources, the demand for innovative solutions capable of withstanding challenging conditions becomes paramount.

The announcement has already generated significant interest within the renewable energy sector, with industry experts eagerly anticipating the results of the forthcoming pilot project. If successful, the technology could mark a paradigm shift in the way solar energy is harvested, opening up new possibilities for sustainable energy generation in regions with expansive open seas.

As the world grapples with the urgent need to transition towards renewable energy, Floating Man’s offshore floating solar solution stands as a testament to the ingenuity and commitment required to navigate uncharted waters—both figuratively and literally—in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.