DJI T-40 Drones Take Center Stage at KMOT Ag Expo

The KMOT Ag Expo, recognized as the largest indoor farm show in the upper Midwest, serves as the perfect platform for such innovations.

In a groundbreaking display at this year’s KMOT Ag Expo, Gooseneck Implement and Bestways Ag are capturing the attention of farmers and industry enthusiasts alike as they showcase the remarkable capabilities of the DJI T-40 drone. This cutting-edge agricultural tool, introduced by drone distributor Colby Knudsen from Bestway Ag, promises to reshape farming practices with its versatility and efficiency.

Launched last summer, the DJI T-40 is already making waves in the agricultural community by offering a range of functionalities that include surveying, spraying, and spreading. According to Knudsen, the drone boasts an impressive coverage of approximately 40 acres per hour, providing farmers with a significant advantage in terms of time and resource management.

One of the key features highlighted by Knudsen is the drone’s ability to precisely deliver chemicals to plants, promoting optimal plant health.

“It’s an advantage to the farmers because it really puts the chemical down into the plant with the props where it needs to be for good plant health,” explains Knudsen. The T-40 currently complements traditional tools such as airplanes and ground rigs, but Knudsen believes it represents the future of agriculture.

“It’s the future, really. This is where it’s going. Talking with farmers today, they see it. It’s coming whether we like it or not, and we need to buy into it. There’s a lot of advantages for the customers,” emphasizes Knudsen. The fully autonomous drone, controlled with a remote device, seamlessly returns to its landing spot for refilling or recharging, streamlining operations and reducing manual intervention.

Despite its technological prowess, accessibility is a key consideration. Knudsen mentions that the T-40, along with all necessary equipment, comes with a price tag of around $34,000. The investment, however, appears justified given the array of benefits it offers, making it a potentially transformative tool for farmers looking to enhance their operations.

The KMOT Ag Expo, recognized as the largest indoor farm show in the upper Midwest, serves as the perfect platform for such innovations. With over 350 vendors and around a thousand booths, the event provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

Plains Grain and Agronomy, among the numerous exhibitors, is seizing the opportunity to connect with both new and existing customers. Precision Planting Sales Manager Travis Messer highlights the significance of the expo, stating, “It’s really fun to be at this show because everyone is focused on what they are doing for the year.” Decision-making among farmers often takes center stage during this event, making it a pivotal moment for vendors to showcase their offerings.

Bench Industries, hailing from Great Falls, Montana, has been a consistent participant in the KMOT Ag Expo for over three decades. The company specializes in manufacturing grain and seed-cleaning equipment, utilizing the expo as a valuable platform to allow attendees to interact with the equipment hands-on.

Meanwhile, emergency preparedness takes the spotlight at Michael Lovejoy’s booth with Pro Industrial. Focusing on Yankum Ropes, Lovejoy emphasizes the importance of having the right tools, especially during emergencies such as getting machinery unstuck from deep snow and mud. “Having the right tools to get out helps to get out that much quicker and that much safer,” notes Lovejoy.

With an average attendance of more than 20,000 people, the KMOT Ag Expo emerges as a significant opportunity for vendors to showcase their products and innovations.

As the agricultural industry continues to evolve, the spotlight on the DJI T-40 drone signifies a paradigm shift towards advanced technologies that promise to revolutionize traditional farming practices. The expo serves not only as a marketplace but also as a platform for industry players to collaborate, learn, and pave the way for the future of agriculture.