International Conference On Food Security To Address Global Challenges

The conference will focus on assessing global food security and finding solutions to the challenges that hinder the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2.

International Conference On Food Security To Address Global Challenges

The upcoming International Conference on Food Security, scheduled for September 7-8 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, is set to bring together ministers, diplomats, experts, and representatives from over 30 countries, along with international organizations and financial institutions.

Organized by the government of Uzbekistan and supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the conference will focus on assessing global food security, particularly in Central Asia, and finding solutions to the challenges that hinder the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2, “Zero Hunger.”

The conference agenda will cover a wide range of critical topics, including:

  • Impact of Climate Change on Food Security: Climate change poses a significant threat to food security worldwide. Participants will discuss strategies to mitigate these effects and adapt agricultural practices to changing environmental conditions.
  • Empowering Women in Agriculture: Recognizing the crucial role of women in agriculture, discussions will revolve around ways to empower and support women in the agricultural sector, ensuring their active participation in food production.
  • Sustainable Agricultural Practices: Achieving food security requires sustainable agricultural practices that conserve resources and reduce environmental impact. Participants will explore innovative approaches to sustainable farming.
  • Investment in Agriculture: Adequate investment in the agricultural sector is vital for enhancing food production and distribution. The conference will address the importance of financial support and investment opportunities in agriculture.
  • Challenges of Food Insecurity in Central Asia: Central Asia faces unique challenges in achieving food security. Experts will analyze these challenges and propose region-specific solutions.
  • Pathway to Zero Hunger: The ultimate goal of the conference is to identify a roadmap toward achieving Zero Hunger globally. Participants will discuss strategies and action plans to make progress in this critical area.

In addition to the conference sessions, the event will feature the opening of green and express corridors between participating countries to facilitate the direct supply of high-quality and affordable food. This initiative aims to enhance regional cooperation and trade in agricultural products.

Furthermore, the conference will host an exhibition titled “Agrifood Potential of Uzbekistan” and the 1st Agrifood Investment Forum of Uzbekistan.

Over 50 companies from various countries, including Germany, Italy, Israel, Hungary, the Republic of Korea, Poland, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, will participate in the forum. This presents an excellent opportunity for networking, exploring investment opportunities, and showcasing the agricultural potential of Uzbekistan to the international community.

As food security remains a global concern, this conference serves as an important platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions. It also aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, emphasizing the critical role of Goal 2, which seeks to eliminate hunger and achieve food security for all.

The International Conference on Food Security in Samarkand promises to be a significant event in the global effort to address food security challenges and work toward a world with Zero Hunger. It reflects the commitment of Uzbekistan and the international community to finding sustainable solutions to one of humanity’s most pressing issues.