Top 10 IoT Software Development Companies In USA For 2023

IoT sales are predicted to reach $2,227 bln by 2028, with a 13.60% CAGR growth, promoting collaboration between businesses & renowned IoT development companies to maximize ROI.

Top 10 IoT Software Development Companies In USA For 2023

IoT Analytics reports an 18% growth in global IoT connections in 2022, reaching 14.3 billion active endpoints. It predicts a further 16% increase in 2023, indicating continued growth in IoT technology adoption across industries. By 2028, IoT sales are predicted to reach $2,227 billion, with a 13.60% CAGR growth, promoting collaboration between businesses and renowned IoT development companies to maximize ROI. The IoT software development companies in the US listed below can help you automate business processes by leveraging the ecosystem of connected devices.

Here is a list of the top 10 IoT software development companies in the USA for 2023 for anyone interested in entering this revolutionary field.

10 IoT software development companies

1. Appinventiv

Over 1000 talented IoT developers work for US-based digital solution company Appinventiv, which has won awards for its excellent portfolio and industry knowledge. The business, which was founded in 2015, has been named the “Tech Company of the Year” by the Times Business Awards 2023. IoT software development services from Appinventiv include consultancy, app development, wearable connection, testing and maintenance, as well as AIoT.

2. IBM

IoT platform development, device management, data analytics, and security solutions are just a few of the services that IBM, a US-based IoT software development firm, provides to organizations all over the world. These solutions are a popular option for companies in the IoT sector because they give them the ability to connect, manage, and analyze data from various devices while also offering sophisticated insights and automation.

3. Accenture

IoT software development services are provided by Accenture, a multinational technology business, and include strategy, consulting, solution architecture, data analytics, and cybersecurity. It offers enterprise solutions for data insights and procedure improvement.

4. Cisco

IoT platform development, networking infrastructure, edge computing, security, and data analytics are all areas where Cisco, a US-based IoT development business, offers complete solutions. It was established in 1984 to assist companies in maximizing the IoT ecosystem’s potential, navigating the linked world, and achieving digital success.

5. Oracle

For businesses looking to undergo digital transformation, Oracle, a top provider of IoT services, provides a variety of options. These include building out network infrastructure, analyzing data, using edge computing, implementing security measures, and creating IoT platforms. Oracle helps organizations connect devices and easily gain useful insights from data thanks to its significant market share.

6. Infosys

In order to help businesses navigate the complexities of the IoT ecosystem, Infosys, a multinational IT services company founded in 1981, offers a wide range of IoT services, including consulting, solution architecture, application development, data analytics, and security. This enables businesses to successfully complete their journeys toward digital transformation.

7. PTC

PTC, a top US software provider with over 10,000 highly qualified employees, provides cutting-edge IoT services and solutions. Organizations may take use of the potential of linked devices and investigate fresh digital prospects thanks to their experience. They offer IoT platform development, connection for devices, data analytics, remote monitoring, and preventive maintenance.

8. Oxagile

Among its many services for organizations, Oxagile, a top IoT development firm, offers consultancy, software development, hardware prototype design, system integration, and continuous improvement. They provide cutting-edge solutions for a range of sectors thanks to their experience in AI, ML, computer vision, and big data.

9. GE Digital

A US-based IoT software development company called GE Digital offers organizations services including real-time data analytics, proactive maintenance, remote monitoring, and asset performance management. With the use of connected devices and cutting-edge analytics, their services give organizations the ability to learn important lessons, make wise choices, and seize new development possibilities.

10. Bosch IoT

Bosch IoT Suite is a division of Bosch that provides IoT services like device connectivity, data management, cloud platforms, analytics, and application development for various industrial domains like manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, energy, and smart homes, enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge in the digital era.

IoT Device Statistics

IoT devices, such as thermostats and fitness trackers, are revolutionizing our lives by providing efficiency, safety, and convenience. With a market expected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2027, these devices are transforming our interactions with the world in innovative ways.

Hardware is largely responsible for the value of IoT technology, and 63% of customers are uncomfortable with linked gadgets. Over 12,000 cyberattacks might be launched against the typical smart home each week.

The number of IoT devices expected to be in use by 2030 is expected to surpass 25.4 billion. 30% of respondents rely on smart gadgets, while 85% support allocating funds for IoT projects. But just 56% of respondents keep track on their IoT gadgets, and 63% are concerned about how their data is collected.

Consumer electronics accounted for 63% of all installed units in 2020, dominating the IoT market. 24% of IoT projects sought to improve safety, while just 35% were revenue-focused.

Industry thought leaders predict that IoT will turn offices into intelligent workspaces in 77% of cases. A capable ally for the trip may have a big influence on digital transformation initiatives when working with the correct IoT app development business.

IoT revenue is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.60% from 2023 to 2028, reaching $2,227 billion. The top 10 IoT software development businesses are recognized for their know-how, inventiveness, and dedication to providing significant solutions, positioning them to influence the growth of IoT technology across sectors.