IoT has made a lot of progress since its inception. Home automation has become very important today, and people are using different devices to automate their smart homes. From Alexa to Google Home, these devices make the lives easier.

With home automation, you can automate different tasks that you perform daily or make them smart. Different devices are used to automate your home and make it smart.

Why you should go for home automation?

Home automation makes an ordinary home into an advanced home. With home automation, you can make your home even smarter and call it a smart home. These smart homes have different traits, some have lighting controls, and some have energy-saving features. These are the traits a home can have:

  • Lighting control
  • Air condition control
  • Floor heating control
  • Curtain control
  • Energy saving
  • AV control

Building a smart home

Building a smart home is a challenge in 2020. You need the assistance of experts who are good at planning, execution, and have expertise in home automation to make it happen. For this purpose, TIS Control is the company offering home automation solutions. From lighting, air, floor, curtain, and av control to energy saving, the company can add all of these to your ordinary home and make it smart.

1. Lighting controls:

Smart lighting controls can not only make it easy to control your lights with your smartphone but can also add energy-saving features to the system. You can automate your lights and sync it with your availability at home. You can also add RGB lighting controls to change the feel of your room, depending on your mood. You can also set a time when the lights will turn on automatically.

2. Air condition and floor heating controls:

Smart air condition systems and floor heating can also be added to your home. On a hot summer day, you can enable air condition systems on your way home, and when you get there, it’s already optimized. Similarly, heating your floor with the optimal temperature is also not hard anymore. With the push of the button and wireless controls, you can do so at the ease of your fingertips.

3. Curtain controls:

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding out curtains automatically move at the particular time you’ve set. Yes, home automation can add multiple cool features to your home. You can set the timer, and the curtains would move when you want to wake up. Not only this, but you can also automate your main door, so whenever your car is outside, they will open automatically with just a press of a button.

4. AV controls:

When smart automation is enabled, controlling AV in the house becomes easier. You can control music from any corner of your house. You can also control televisions, play, or pause your favorite movie when you reach home and do more with audios.

5. Energy-saving:

With smart home automation, you can also save energy and save big bucks on your bills. You can turn off the lights and air condition systems when you’re not in the room. Smart systems can also detect unnecessary usage if connected with other home appliances. This way, your smart home can also be called an energy-efficient home.

So, these were the controls you can add while building a smart home with TIS home automation systems. These systems will not only make life easier but also help you in managing costs and save energy.

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