German Games Industry Aims To Make Germany Prime Esports Hub

The German Games Industry Association (often known as GAME) stated in its 2023 annual report that it aims to become Germany “the best esports location.”

German Games Industry Aims To Make Germany Prime Esports Hub

The German Games Industry Association (often known as GAME) stated in its 2023 annual report that it aims to become Germany “the best esports location.”

This was one of its 10 demands, along with others like “more dedication from game professionals,” “everyone should have access to digital infrastructure,” and “sustainably promote Germany as a games location.”

“We want to make Germany the best esports location,” the report, which was released around the association’s fifth birthday, noted. The framework conditions must be created in the best manner feasible given the great social, cultural, and economic value of esports.

The important effort done by clubs who host esports must be highlighted and not put at further disadvantage. As a result, the tax code must recognize them as non-profit organizations. It is not important whether or not esports are sports.

“At the same time, there needs to be more support for young talent and events in the states and local communities so that we in Germany can take part in this global phenomenon,”

The German Games Industry Association’s 2023 annual report also noted that online gaming service revenues had increased 20% year over year from 2021 to 2022, reaching €866m, and it acknowledged the significance of competitive games within this.

The survey noted that popular multiplayer and esports titles like Counter-Strike or League of Legends definitely made a substantial impact. “On PCs and laptops, the majority – 70% – of revenue can be attributed to in-game purchases,” it added.

In all, the German games industry brought in €10 billion (£8.6 billion) in 2022. For comparison, the UK’s gaming sector brought in over £7 billion in 2022.

Additionally, the number of game firms and workers in Germany climbed by a combined 15.5% and 7% during the previous 12 months.

Development studios, publishers, esports event organizers, educational institutions, and others are among the association’s members.

Germany hosts a variety of esports events, such as the Counter-Strike IEM Cologne and the League of Legends LEC, which takes place in Riot’s Berlin studio. In the DACH Prime League, the EMEA Regional League beneath the LEC, German players can also compete.

With teams like G2 Esports, BIG, SK Gaming, Mouz, and Unicorns of Love, Germany has generated elite esports talent in games like FIFA, Dota 2, and Fortnite. The Rocket League World Championship and the Dota 2 Berlin Major have both taken place in Germany.

According to the report, Schleswig-Holstein “has implemented a games funding programme for the first time, in which €4 million are to be made available to game development studios in the state by 2027.”

The amount of Baden-Württemberg’s state financing program has been increased to €1.1m. The Bremen idea to allow gaming businesses to participate in a state financing scheme in the future fills in yet another gap in the financial landscape.

“In the meanwhile, Berlin and Brandenburg have allotted a record-breaking €3.6 million in funding. The House of Games, the Computerspielemuseum, and the International Computer Game Collection (ICS) are among the various locations that Berlin’s new state administration, a combination of the CDU and SPD, aims to strengthen.

Similar recommendations are made in the coalition agreement between the CDU and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in North Rhine-Westphalia, which calls for a greater use of video games in classrooms and during career-related training as well as the expansion of the Düsseldorf Fusion Campus and the Esports Player Foundation.

“And Bavaria has responded to the federal funding application halt by allocating additional money for the games sector starting in mid-2023 that are €1 million over the current level.”

The 2020-founded Esports Player Foundation (EPF) collaborates with 200 players in the video games CS:GO, League of Legends, Brawl Stars, Valorant, and FIFA. Similar to conventional sports, it offers support services including sports psychology, fitness and nutrition advice, tax and financial counseling, and contract help. Additionally participating in the federation’s operations are the Esports Federation Germany and the Esports Player Foundation.

The research stated that the program was unmatched in the whole world for esports participants. The participants are empowered to act as positive role models for millions of aspirational players, and it also promotes the virtues of good sportsmanship.

“The foundation aspires to one day be able to offer complete assistance to each and every talented participant in each and every significant esports game. The DKB Diamonds are a League of Legends free agent team that gives talented young players the chance to gain playing experience and garner attention through their play in the Prime League. This endeavor was launched by the EPF’s partnership with Deutsche Kreditbank in early 2022, according to the report.

“The DKB Diamonds now compete in the second tier of the Prime League. Early in 2023, the DKB Diamonds RAW academy squad was also established as a result of their performance. Young players on this team will also try to establish themselves in the Prime League.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has made the decision to increase its esports-related activities in collaboration with the EPF and to specifically foster local talent. 30 of the best esports players in the state have joined the Esports Academy NRW’s promotional program.

The Equal Esports program, which seeks to increase diversity and equality of opportunity in esports, was introduced in 2021 as a result of a collaboration between the EPF, Deutsche Telekom, and SK Gaming.

The Equal Esports campaign is supported by Swedish League of Legends player Caltys, who most recently competed in the Svenska Onlineligan Charity Showdown.

With its “Speak Up Esports” campaign and the “FIFA Fairplay Guide” for football esports players, the Esports Player Foundation also publicly addresses the problem of hate speech and poisonous online content.