The Role Of Nuclear Power In Agriculture    

Pakistan would be named as best country among different countries of the world if the international communities opens its door to Pakistan.

The Role Of Nuclear Power In Agriculture    

The main concern of the study is to learn about the role of Nuclear Power and energies in the field of Agriculture and Food.

Pakistan would be named as best country among different countries of the world if the international communities opens its door to Pakistan. Many of the Agricultural institutes are working under the PAKISTAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION (PAEC) umbrella. PAEC one of the biggest institute plays an important role in transferring Nuclear Energy for Peaceful purposes.

Innovative ways of improving Agricultural practices involve nuclear technology. By using Isotopes and different radiations the agricultural issues can be resolved.

FAO & INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC AGENCY (IAEA) have been expanding knowledge in this area for more than 50 years.

Nuclear power in Agriculture:

As it is the most of the cheapest process. So, it is used in Agriculture as it reduces cost and time.

As natural gas is becoming expensive day by day . So, Nuclear Energy can be used to produce nitrogen fertilizer.

Radiation technology is  used to provide  safe, healthier, longer and fresh crops by keeping the environment safe. Using  nuclear technologies it would be easy to easier to detect, control and prevent Zoonotic disease ( an infectious disease that is transmitted between species from animals to humans). 

The nuclear derived, sterile insect technique (SIT) is an environment friendly method of managing pests and insects. This process involves the mass rearing sterilising insects through different ionizing radiation before releasing them into infected areas.

Nuclear technologies involved in  crop breeding to develop improved crops that better adapt to climate change .

Seeds are irradiated with gamma rays and X rays ions or electron beams to initiate genetic changes.

It is also helpful in enhancing livestock production and health. Different isotope are used for their treatment like C-12. Nitrogen -15 stable isotope fertilizer is used to trace fertilizer uptake and soil health.

Through past nuclear fallouts are helping the scientists to measure and assess soil erosion, radioactive nuclides left , the health of soil.

Nuclear Power & Food Security:

Nuclear technique can be used to improve food safety and quality by the detection or elimination of harmful residues and contaminants in Food products.

Ionizing radiation applied to food can kill microbes, preventing food borne illness.

Gamma rays are most commonly used and can treat 1 tonne of fruit per hour.

Different isotopes are used for sterilising food  to ensure food security.

Advanced Nuclear Reactors:

Light water reactors (LWRs) are the only type of reactors currently in use at commercial Nuclear Power plants.

It is used for generating electricity for the grid , providing heat, providing portable power.

There are a number of advanced nuclear reactors currently in the design stage. These reactors are sometimes denoted as Generation III + and are the following:

  • Advanced CANDU (ACR-1000) reactor.
  • European pressurized reactor (EPR)
  • VVER-1200.
  • APWR-IV.
  • ESBWR—economic simplified BWR.