WHO/EU Launches Informatics & Data Science For Health Fellowship

The foundation of this partnership is the conviction that Africans have a right to health and wellbeing and that they can lead healthy lives.

WHO/EU Launches Informatics & Data Science For Health Fellowship

A partnership agreement between Okhma Global and the African Business Coalition for Health (ABCHealth) has been signed in order to jointly plan and execute the “Made to Live Africa Expo 2023.”

This was disclosed at the Lagos Memorandum of Understanding signing. In November 2023, the Made to Live Africa Expo will take place at the Livespot Event Center in Lagos.

The foundation of this partnership is the conviction that Africans have a right to health and wellbeing and that they can lead healthy lives. These rights are deeply ingrained in the missions of both organisations, and as a result, they have joined forces to successfully advance the aims and purposes of this premier health, wellness, and fitness event designed to promote and enhance healthy living.

This platform is passionate about informing, educating, and activating by promoting the UN’s SDG 3– working to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The Expo is specifically designed to bridge the information gaps for healthy living.

Made to Live Africa Expo is a health, wellness, and fitness expo that will bring medical professionals, hospital representatives, wellness experts, nutrition experts, health entrepreneurs, health influencers, fitness experts, and corporate individuals, according to Mary Ephraim-Egbas, CEO of Okhma Global.

Additionally, it will bring together the general public, farmers, environmental experts, therapists, wellbeing and lifestyle businesses for three days in order to inform, engage, and inspire one another about leading healthy lives.

Abia will receive a $115 million loan from the AfDB for road maintenance, erosion control, and waste management.
The project is ready to tackle the demand for a fresh perspective on health. With its seven districts—Medlive (Medical), Fitness district, Therapy centre, food for life, Spaland, lifestyle corner, and wellness zone—as well as the Conference & Masterclass Segments and the fitness festival, the expo is planned to offer attendees a variety of options that are both educational and inspiring.

“This expo has been thoughtfully created to reflect every facet of health and Holistic healthy living,

We want to make sure that every aspect of health is exposed and comprehended in these divisions. Investing in a healthier you is our theme for the EXPO.

According to Dr. Mories Atoki, CEO of ABCHealth, achieving universal health coverage in Africa is not an impossibility given that the continent has one of the world’s highest disease burdens and an overburdened healthcare system.

The ‘Made to Live Africa Expo’ aims to address health differently for Africa’s workforce, emphasizing the link between a healthy population and economic security. ABCHealth’s founders emphasize the importance of non-communicable diseases, which are increasingly prevalent among the workforce.

The leading cause of death in Africa as of 2019 is cardiovascular disease, which significantly contributes to the continent’s high death rate.

The best way to fight this disease is through preventive care and lifestyle modifications. By involving stakeholders in the public and private sectors, ABCHealth hopes to improve Africa’s healthcare system, economy, and population through partnerships with the Coalition and Okhma Global. Coordination of resources is the main goal in order to guarantee better health outcomes across the continent.