In a Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, UN introduced 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs); to end poverty and bring prosperity and peace globally by 2030.

The pivot objective of SDG is to mainstream global challenges and to facilitate countries to speed up their progress by SDG integration.
Pakistan’s federal parliament approved SDG as National Development Agenda on 16 Feb, 2016 and formed an SDG secretariat at National Assembly. 

However, government is very much concerned about mainstreaming SDGs.They are very crucial for Pakistan’s overall prosperity. It must includes in the education system and should be a part of syllabus at all academic levels. 

Although, it is not an easy job but for the well-being of Pakistan’s youth it is necessary.

Although, Pakistan has prioritized SDGs, but poverty and health sector has always been neglected. Above 70 million of population lives below poverty line and 39 % are in a tight grip of poverty. 

Universities act more visionary in social development. Among all universities in Sindh, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology has established Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC) at its Jamshoro campus. They have graduated 22 start-up companies and willingly applies 17 SDGs in their respective criteria. 

Government needs to show more seriousness to the SDGs. It should take innovators on board to solve the problems and look into implementation mechanism with new approaches.

United Nation Development Program (UNDP) must bring sustainable solutions for implementation and functioning of SDGs, and also build capacity to invest in SDG related activities.

To bring innovative solutions government should used university platform to conduct empirical researches. They need to rethink and revisit current implementation mechanism.

Despite having good resources, planning and will to implement we are fragile in monitoring and evaluation of SDGs. After implementation these are the mandatory steps to do.

Technology and innovation is necessary for industrialization, which accelerates the overall development of the country. The 22nd incumbent of PM office promised to bring Pakistan on the track of development.  He draws a visionary approach of Pakistan Vision 2025, which talks about multidimensional development. 

Infrastructure development paves the way to attain sustainable development, and besides all the SDGs outcomes it requires investment. As UN reported, 470 million new jobs are needed globally in the market in between 2016-20.The Premier must bring string actions to reduce poverty, which is the root cause of all evils. 

To achieve prosperity and sustainability government should analyze its policies and bring all the sectors and communities to play their respective roles in it.

The 17 SDGs are pivot well establish sustainable development guidelines. Which requires for the betterment of the planet, and peace and prosperity of the countries. Despite of being a part of UNDP we are unable to achieve fruitful results. Government should bring all the stakeholders on board and reanalyze the whole policy and program vis-à-vis a strong SDG implementation module is also a need of time.