The minister provided details regarding the enrollment of OOSC at the federal and provincial levels during the Pakistan Learning Conference.

Pakistan is constitutionally bound to provide free and compulsory education for all children aged 5-16, according to the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training. This statement was made during a two-day Pakistan Learning Conference 2023.

He said that the government of Pakistan was intending to go beyond it as Pakistan was committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) to provide “lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

During the conference, he placed a strong emphasis on knowledge and experience sharing and pushed hard for these objectives.

He added that by holding this event, Pakistan could get a step closer to realising its goal of having young people who are educated, self-assured, and supported from the moment they are born and have the fundamental knowledge necessary to realise their dreams.

The Human Capital Review Report highlights the importance of addressing learning poverty for socio-economic progress. The Education and Professional Training ministry’s flagship initiatives, such as out-of-school children’s enrollment drives, foundational literacy, and primary school classrooms, are transforming early childhood education.

The meeting aims to develop synergies for providing education access across Pakistan. He claimed that his ministry was making sure that strategies for students, teachers, and parents in every province were developed using an inclusive approach.

The IPEMC will make a significant contribution to the enrollment of Out of School Children (OOSC) and various interventions involving distance learning.

The minister provided details regarding the enrollment of OOSC at the federal and provincial levels during the Pakistan Learning Conference.

He stated that a model Universal Enrollment Pilot Project had already been successfully launched in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in collaboration with implementation partners, and the secretary of education was continuously monitoring the development. Additionally, it was disclosed that the initiative aimed to reduce the OOSC in ICT to zero by June 30, 2023.

The minister announced that the Zero OOSC Initiative will be replicated across Pakistan after successful piloting in ICT. Provinces are committed to supporting enrollment drives and developing a data sharing framework. The minister assured provinces of maximum facilitation for benefiting from these projects.

Hussain discussed flagship initiatives in distance learning, out-of-school children, curriculum reforms, and foundation learning at the ministry’s conference. He emphasized provinces’ contributions and aimed for a combined action plan to positively impact early childhood education in Pakistan through synergies, collaborations, and experience sharing.

Waseem Ajmal Chaudhary, the secretary of education, welcomed attendees to the conference and emphasised the chance for educators, policymakers, and donors to collaborate on transforming early childhood education and foundational learning. Riffat Jabeen, Director Academics, Federal Directorate of Education, gave a summary of the conference’s themes.

The conference offers a rich tapestry of viewpoints with speakers from diverse educational disciplines from nine international and 37 national countries. The speakers are enhancing the conference experience for all attendees by imparting priceless insights, creative ideas, and international best practises through their knowledge and experience.

On day one, informative panel discussions on delivery models, financing, the right to education, progress and challenges, and enabling structures were held. Technical sessions on these topics were also held.

Through interactive booths, the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), PTCL, the National Book Foundation (NBF), and Robotmea explored innovative approaches to promote learning and engagement. The visitors had the chance to view the cutting-edge approaches and concepts in early childhood education and foundational learning at these booths.

By bringing together eminent speakers and thought leaders, the conference as a whole seeks to shed light on important issues being faced in early childhood education. This event, which places a focus on innovation and improved practises, is encouraging thought-provoking debates, idea sharing, and cooperative efforts to advance education in Pakistan.

This much-anticipated Pakistan Learning Conference, which is being attended by educators, policymakers, and specialists from around the world, is exploring important issues related to early childhood education (ECE) and foundational learning.