Yaseen Ramzan, The Young Entrepreneur Sells Website For 51 Million PKR

A young man from Abbottabad named Yaseen Ramzan recently sold his website for a staggering 51 million Pakistani rupees.

Yaseen Ramzan, The Young Entrepreneur Sells Website For 51 Million PKR

A young man from Abbottabad named Yaseen Ramzan recently sold his website for a staggering 51 million Pakistani rupees. It is encouraging to see young people like Yaseen making waves in the digital world because of his perseverance, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit.

This demonstrates that, when it comes to pursuing your dreams, age is just a number. Congratulations on reaching this remarkable milestone.

On his Facebook page, he stated: “The news that I sold my dream website for PKR 51 million makes me incredibly happy. I’ll soon release a comprehensive case study that includes all relevant statistics, such as earnings, the total number of posts, daily traffic, and the amount of money I invested in this website to create such a strong brand.”

Yaseen Ramzan started a brand website 4 years ago with a niche suggestion from a Facebook friend. He did keyword research and set up the blog. At the start, he deindexed the site and published 15 articles at once. He then started publishing content on a daily basis, initially writing all the content by himself and later hiring 2 writers.

Keyword research involves selecting keywords with low keyword difficulty and measuring it manually. For example, the keyword “Can parrots eat pineapple” is chosen based on factors such as how bigger websites are ranking, small sites with an age of less than a year, forums or social sites ranking on the keyword, and if there are any forums or social sites ranking on it.

So Yaseen Ramzan find keywords based on the criteria mentioned above.

What about finding keywords for his blog? He simply selects the websites with good keyword rankings that are younger and have lower DA. Let’s say he searched for the term “Can parrots eat apples.” If he discovered low authority websites ranking for this term, he entered the URL of these websites into Ahref to discover all the keywords for which they are ranked.

Topical authority, or what is it, was the primary factor in this website’s success. Let’s say his blog included a section on parrots. So the topical authority will be like:

Can parrots eat pineapple
Can parrots eat berries
Can parrots eat peaches
Can parrots eat green chilies
Can parrots eat bananas etc?

The fact that this website was solely based on SILO Structure should be highlighted. What, then, is a SILO Structure?

To compare, see Petkeen.com/parrots/can-parrots-eat-apples and Silo Structure. Later, for topical authority, he interlinked all the relevant posts in Silo, as is customary. (Plainly, he gathered all the parrot posts into a single container or category.)

Within 4 months, he began to see results, and after 4 months, he received my first Google Adsense payment (18000 PKR at that time).

He continued to write articles as a result, and he never missed a day of releasing fresh content. In the right direction, consistency and frequency are the most important factors in success.

Do backlinks count?

He has a great handle on off-page. He initially began constructing free links using forums for social media bookmarking, comments, and unpaid guest posts. He then applied the Nandla Strategy (Backlinks from Wikipedia, Microsoft, Mozilla, Firefox, Nokia, Opera, and Gethub, etc.)

He started making investments in his blog in the form of paid backlinks once he began to see positive results. Later he moved to quality guest posts (Even though I spent 400$ for a single backlink).
When constructing links, he paid close attention to the anchors (I preferred naked backlinks mostly). He continued to write, publish, and build backlinks throughout this journey.

Over a 4-year period, this website was never impacted by any Google updates. Yes, you read that correctly. This website was never affected by any Google updates. Graphs on this website show continued growth through 2023.

This website is doing well in all the high-end nations, including (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, etc.). Therefore, all traffic is premium.

Additional details regarding this website

Posts in total are over 1000.
40 000 to 50 000 daily users
Backlinks = +20k
Age: Nearly 4 years
Google Adsense = monitoring
4 to 5 daily articles