Qureshi, an aerospace engineer and certified pilot, was raised in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad by eminent scientists.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi, a Pakistani aerospace engineer who has received patents in the US and UK for her innovative research on jet engines that reduce excessive noise emissions, hopes to next work with Saudi Arabia to advance her work after being motivated by the Kingdom’s transformational development under its Vision 2030.

Qureshi, an aerospace engineer and certified pilot, was raised in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad by eminent scientists. She co-founded Aero Engine Craft Private Limited, Pakistan’s first commercial engine and aircraft R&D company, with the assistance of her late father Masood Latif Qureshi.

The company develops environmentally safe contrail-free aircraft engines intended to lessen aviation-induced global warming.

Qureshi has logged more than 70 hours in the air and holds a PhD in aerospace propulsion from Cranfield University in the UK. US and UK patents have been granted for three of her engines. A supersonic jet engine was patented this year, and two environmentally friendly jet engines were patented in 2021.

In an interview with Arab News this week, she discussed her latest design, which she described as a “crucial milestone in aviation,” addressing the issue of excessive noise generation that has limited earlier engines.

“My design successfully achieves a significant reduction in noise levels of jet engines, while also delivering exceptional performance in terms of speed and efficiency,” she said.

Qureshi now holds three patents, including two that are named after her father, after receiving a patent from the United States in March of this year.

The scientist hopes Saudi Arabia will contribute as she looks for international funding to advance her project, particularly in light of Saudi Prime Minister and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s Vision 2030 plan to diversify the country’s economy away from oil.

Since I have seen the revolutionary changes brought about by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, I would like to work with Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia. I have seen remarkable progress, including the historic accomplishment of a Saudi woman going into space and the growing acceptance and empowerment of Arab women across various domains,” she said.

Qureshi claimed that her business had so far only engaged in “small-scale” engine development. She explained that the first step in any invention process was to create a prototype, which was later scaled up into a working model after successful testing.

Qureshi stated, “We have also developed a jet engine, and we have already built and tested a small-scale model.”

The engineer claimed that her parents, who had pushed her to be self-assured and develop her own identity, were responsible for her success.

Qureshi said, “I have a natural inclination towards machines, inventions, and science thanks to my father and mother. Everybody is blessed in their own unique way. Establish your priorities and put everything else on hold as you work towards them.”