Soybean Highly Nutritious Legume Native To East Asia

Physical and chemical properties and crust and crumb color was measured by bread samples. The result of these evaluations shows the protein content of soy flour.  

Soybean Highly Nutritious Legume Native To East Asia

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of soy flour on nutritional, physicochemical and sensory characteristics of gluten free bread. In this study, corn flour was replaced by soy flour by different methods for the purpose of  gluten free bread.

Physical and chemical properties and crust and crumb color was measured by bread samples. The result of these evaluations shows the protein content of soy flour.  

Moisture and carbohydrates decrease with the increase of soy flour content. The evaluation showed that soy bread color is darker than other bread samples. In results, adding a higher level of soy flour into gluten free bread can improve bread quality and increase the nutritional quality of bread. 

Nutritional status in patients with celiac disease can be improved through producing gluten free bread in this way. Presence of wheat gluten causes problems for consumers with celiac disease (allergy to gluten). An estimated 2% of the world population suffer from celiac disease and the lifetime gluten free diet is the effective treatment for this disease.

Full fat soy flour is used for fortifying the other cereals, millets , pulses at 10 to 15% level in the preparation of traditional recipes. It is available in sealed polythene bags and other sealed metal containers.

The shelf is about one month at normal retail shelf temperature. Gandhi (2008) developed a  HACCP protocol for the production of better quality full fat soy flour with product safety. The amount of  protein is 35%, Fat 18%, Ash 6.5%, Crude fiber 4.0% and Moisture 10.0%.

Soy biscuits consumed directly at any time with tea or alone. Soy bread is  also consumed directly at any time. It is available in polythene bags. It will be fresh for 6 days at normal retail shelf  temperature. The use of soybean products in the feed and food industry has increased steadily.

The reader of Harijan knows very well by now that the soya bean is the richest of all the beans in proteins and fat and fat soluble vitamins. Studies showed that after a meal of soybean the alkalinity of blood is increased. Soybean food neutralizes the acidity in blood.

It is very important from the medical point of view that the alkaline stage is the stage of highest health and physiological functioning while  the acidic stage is the pathological condition. The protein from soybean on the other hand neutralizes uric acid and produces no disease. It is regarded as a useful agent for improving the soil.

There is no doubt about the very high protein value of soya beans and it is a very valuable article of diet for those who do hard manual labor. 

Less ghee or oil will be required , as there is 20% of fat present in  soya flour. The palatability of roti will be much better than ordinary roti. The texture and color of roti will be improved.

And it will last for a longer time without being spoiled. By adding 15 to 25% soya flour in our ordinary roti it will not  only improve in nutritive quality, but it will also improve its digestibility. It will keep roti and chapati soft.

The taste is the most important factor which affects  the acceptability of edible products. With the increase in substitution of soy flour to the gluten free samples, the crust texture increased from 3.45 to 4.1. Color together with aroma and texture, contributes to the consumer preference.


High quality soybeans and soy based products are generally preferred and the standards available will assist the producer and consumers in the selection of the best based on various physical and chemical characteristics and end use.

Adding soy flour can improve the quality and nutritional quality of wheat bread. The results of this study showed that adding 15% soy flour to the Gluten free bread formulation, improved bread quality, sensory characteristics and nutritional properties of bread. So in order to prevent major CD disease, soy flour could be beneficial.