Silicon Valley Loses Grip On Tech Firms

Located in “Cali,” California, a state famous for its instant mood swings from hot to cold and cold to hot fevers, is the Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Loses Grip On Tech Firms

Located in “Cali,” California, a state famous for its instant mood swings from hot to cold and cold to hot fevers, is the Silicon Valley.

Located in the bay area of south San Francisco and northern California, the valley is known as Silicon Valley. Don Hoefler named it in the weekly newspaper “Electronic News” in 1971 for its early innovation of silicon microprocessors and transistors.

The story of Silicon Valley begins in 1944 with an American engineer and Dean of Stanford University, Frederick Terman. Alongside William Shockey, they replaced the germanium with silicon to use in transistors and conductors.

They both are known as the fathers of Silicon Valley. Frederick Terman was the one who inaugurated the Stanford Industry Park, which is now famous as Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto. He was the one who motivated his two most notable students, William Hewlett and David Packard, to invent something innovative.

Do you know what they have found? Hewlett Packard Company, which we know today as HP, was founded in 1939. HP generates 52 billion dollars in revenue and became the first technology manufacturing company, opening the doors for various other companies.

The eminent part of the credit for the discovery of Silicon Valley goes to Stanford University. Stanford University has turned its free spaces into research labs with the help of prepared students who have established bigger companies.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley

Gradually, one after the other, worldwide famous companies have started running their headquarters in Silicon Valley. The valley has become a global hub of technology and innovation. You name it and you can find a tech-based startup in Silicon Valley. All of these companies are not comprehensible in one piece of writing, but we can shed light on a few.

The valley is separated into many areas and cities such as Menlo Park, Mountain View, Redwood City, Santa Clara, and San Jose, which is one of the largest cities in the valley, the 3rd largest city in California, and the 10th largest city in the USA.

Meta platforms, especially “Facebook,” are also located in Silicon Valley and generate 40 billion dollars in revenue. Oracle, one of the biggest databases and cloud engineering companies founded 41 years ago and now generating 40 billion dollars, is located in the same valley of technology. YouTube was launched by Steve, Chad, and Javed Karim in 2005 there too.

Nintendo, the world’s biggest gaming market a market of $1.065 trillion) founded in Japan, is now also in Silicon Valley. Electronic Arts is the second-largest gaming company, initiated in 1928, generating revenue of 5 billion dollars. One of the company’s famous games is “Need for Speed”.

LinkedIn, which is a professional networking site, also originated there 15 years ago. LinkedIn provides interfaces in 24 languages but was acquired by Microsoft. Intel.

No matter what brand of laptop or processor you are using, all the gadgets use Intel semiconductors. Intel, the second-largest semiconductor chip company, was founded almost 50 years ago. It has around 1 lac 60 thousand employees, generates revenue of about 63 billion dollars, and has acquired 24 major companies. San Disk, founded 30 years ago but acquired by Western Digital, is the third company to manufacture USB memory cards. The list goes on and on.

Wealthiest area of the world

Silicon Valley is the wealthiest area of the world and consists of one-third of all technological production. The other two out of three are from the rest of the world, including Asia (China, Africa, and Japan). It’s impressive to know Google HQ is in Silicon Valley, but so is Apple. The multibillionaire tech company and its headquarters are also located in The Valley.

I must say that Silicon Valley is a land of billions and trillions. The largest capital production imbalances the real estate agenda. The houses in the valley are too expensive for an average person to reside there. Most of the engineers and innovators try to move out of the valley since the rents are flying sky high.

One of the unique and most admirable facts is that the working environment is highly diversified in terms of race and religion. The staffs in all the major headquarters are people from all around the world. Although gender discrimination still remains a thorn in the flesh,. According to the statistics, women’s employment in google is 17%, on Yahoo 15 % presence is there and 15% presence on Facebook.

Silicon Valley’s work culture

Another hidden fact of Silicon Valley’s work culture is the objectification of women, sex affiliation with women, and discrimination against women. Facebook and Twitter also had cases. Even one of the social activists, Jesse Jackson, said that this is the point of our next civil rights moment.

Silicon Valley is not only fascinating for entrepreneurs and innovators; it also always attracts the attention of tourists. Not only the old structure but also the new architecture of the companies attracts tourists. In the end, I would suggest adding Silicon Valley to your travel plan.

Silicon Valley has provided itself with a way for us to pave our path towards a richer, more efficient future. With the amount of work and money going into tech every day, we can only hope we are a few years away from flying cars.

The technological hub also provides a chance to learn, grow, and share. With the world changing every single second and new opportunities arising everywhere, we are all gearing up for a tech-smart future.


By Muhammad Burhan Raza

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