Arçelik Establishes Research And Development Center at NUST

Arçelik manufactures cutting-edge home appliance products using cutting-edge technologies in nine different countries.

Arçelik Establishes Research And Development Center at NUST

The National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan serves as the second R&D center for Dawlance’s parent company, Arçelik (NUST). Arçelik is the second-largest manufacturer in Europe, with operations in 53 nations, 83 subsidiary companies, and 30 R&D facilities worldwide. Arçelik manufactures cutting-edge home appliance products using cutting-edge technologies in nine different countries.

Arçelik opened an R&D center in Karachi for fostering innovations in Pakistan in 2017, shortly after buying Dawlance, and is now investing more money to open an Arcelik Global Research & Development (R&D) Center at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad to speed up its efforts to expand in the Pakistani market.

The president of Koç Holding Consumer Durables Group, Dr. Fatih Kemal Ebiçliolu, the pro-rector of NUST RIC, Air vice marshal (retired) Dr. Rizwan Riaz, the chief production and technology officer of Arçelik, Nihat Bayz, the CEO of Dawlance, Umer Ahsan Khan, and Pakistani officials were all present at the ceremony to inaugurate the new R&D centre.

This historic agreement was signed at the NUST University in Islamabad by the Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance (Pakistan), Mr. Umer Ahsan Khan, and the Pro-Rector of RIC, Air Vice Marshal (Retired) Dr. Rizwan Riaz. With the help of this initiative, Pakistan will have a workforce that is competitive on a global scale by deploying highly qualified engineers to train the youth in cutting-edge skill sets.

Dr. Fatih Ebiçliolu, President of Consumer Durables at Arcelik’s parent company, Koç Holding, said during the inauguration that “consistently creating value for our stakeholders, expanding and diversifying our global reach, and putting our customers first are the pillars of Koc Holding vision.

Pakistan is a significant emerging market for regional manufacturing, R&D, and future export hubs, in our opinion.

Pakistan has a very high potential for information technology development and is on course to become a STEM leader. We think that the NUST R&D center will contribute to the strategic national goal of Pakistan. This R&D centre, the first of Arçelik’s 30 R&D facilities, will support the requirements of all Arcelik subsidiaries worldwide with a focus on software development.

Arçelik plays a leading role in global home appliance industry due to its R&D skills and commitment to developing sustainable, innovative, smart, digital home solutions. Innovative technologies introduced to consumers in Pakistan promise up to 50% conservation of energy, promise environmental sustainability and protect the ecology of the planet for future generations.

These include Vitamin Fresh technology, Nature Lock technology, Aqua Smart washing technology, Blast Air Conditioner, which offers a 30% stronger air flow, enhancing comfort and convenience.

All product categories in Dawlance, including refrigerators/freezers, split air conditioners, washing machines, water dispensers, TVs, and small domestic appliances, are serviced by Arçelik’s R&D centre in Karachi (SDAs). All facets of product design and development, such as structural design, modelling and analysis, system design and testing, embedded software design, and design implementation, are staffed with experts.

Pakistan’s sole manufacturer of appliances has this capacity. Umer Ahsan Khan, the CEO of Dawlance, said: “Arcelik’s partnership with NUST, Pakistan’s leading technology institute, demonstrates our commitment to foster technological advancements in Pakistan and enable the professional development of the youth.

Arçelik has been wisely investing in order to promote research, modernise production, and offer the best products. Through learning about Arçelik’s global quality standards, regulatory compliance, and best practises, the young engineers at NUST will gain invaluable experience.”

Air Vice Marshal (retired) Dr. Rizwan Riaz, the pro-rector of NUST, said “We appreciate Arçelik’s cooperation in helping NUST complete its ongoing and forward-thinking R&D projects by utilising the research-focused environment of this esteemed engineering institution.

As Arçelik expands its presence in Pakistan and other Asian nations, this partnership will allow for the development and testing of IT solutions for the home appliances category. Arçelik is doing this to demonstrate its confidence in the abilities and scientific potential of young people. The Arçelik team will be in charge of managing all of this project’s infrastructure and operating expenses.

This initiative will also aid in the development of innovative solutions based on the demands of the Asian markets by providing deeper insights into the needs and preferences of the local consumer. Large amounts of data will be gathered and shared with the Arçelik team in order to investigate the potential for exporting IT solutions internationally.