CEGA To Provide Platform To Enhance Gaming & Animation skills

The Federal Minister for IT & Telecommunication has announced the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Gaming and Animation (CEGA) at NED University.

CEGA To Provide Platform To Enhance Gaming & Animation skills

The Federal Minister for IT & Telecommunication has announced the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Gaming and Animation (CEGA) at NED University. CEGA will provide a platform for the tech and arts industry to learn and enhance their gaming and animation skills, and aid the national economy to capture the market share in the billion-dollar worldwide gaming and animation industry.

“The global gaming and animation industry is worth more than $500 billion, with Pakistan accounting for only 50 million dollars. We hope that through the CEGA, Pakistan will be able to turn its small segment in the gaming and animation industry into a large one.”

This was stated by him at the MoU signing ceremony held on Saturday at NED University Karachi. Asim Shahryar Husain, CEO of Ignite National Technology Fund, a public sector company affiliated with the Ministry of IT & Telecom (MoITT), and Syed Ghazanfar Husain, Registrar of NED University Karachi, signed the MoU.

The establishment of the Center of Excellence for Gaming and Animation (CEGA) is a step in the right direction to support the growth of the technology and creative industries in Pakistan.

The event was attended by officials from Ministry of IT & Telecom, Ignite, NED University Karachi and professionals from industry & academia. Minister welcomed the establishment of CEGA, stating that it will provide the necessary skills and platform to the youth of Pakistan to contribute to the gaming and animation industries while also aiding the country’s economy.

The availability of the internet, satellite TV, mobile devices, social media, and growing demand for entertainment, gaming, animation movies, and visual effects, according to the Minister, has resulted in tremendous growth in the gaming and animation industry.

“I am happy that an important step is being taken today towards the realization of this dream, in which I am paving the way for the development and development of not only Karachi, but the country and the nation,” IT Minister added.

According to the Minister, Karachi generates 67% of the country’s revenue and thus runs the entire country. There have never been any serious steps taken to run this city and ensure the welfare and development of its residents.

The State of the Art Center of Excellence and Animation and Gaming established at NED University will cost Rupees 1.5 billion and will be functional in 6 months. Minister IT launched the projects for the four provinces without discrimination, but the most important projects were also launched for the people of Karachi.

The most expensive animation and gaming courses will be provided to 2,000 students annually through physical and virtual attendance. The center will also host 20 start-ups every year, providing an ideal environment for the talented with imaginative abilities.

Additionally, 50 companies working in gaming and animation will be provided with space to do their work with better adaptation and technology. Practical opportunity to know will also be available.

In addition to this centre, the minister stated that Pakistan’s first modern Virtual Production Studio will be established at a cost of one billion rupees. This studio will allow our talented professionals to create world-class gaming and animation projects using cutting-edge cameras and equipment.

NED University Vice Chancellor Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi praised the initiative and emphasised the importance of providing a dedicated platform for youth to hone their gaming and animation skills.

He stated, “As an educational institution, we understand the value of instilling creativity and technical expertise in our students. CEGA has the potential to drive innovation and job creation in Pakistan’s gaming and animation industry, which is a dynamic and growing sector “.

According to Syed Junaid Imam, Member IT MoITT, the establishment of the Center of Excellence exclusively for Gaming and Animation (CEGA) by the Ministry of IT & Telecom and the Ignite National Technology Fund is a significant step forward for Pakistan’s gaming and animation industry. Our goal, with CEGA as an enabler, is to increase Pakistan’s gaming and animation exports to $500 million within the next five years.

Earlier in his welcome address, Asim Shahryar Husain, CEO Ignite, stated that “The aim of this programme is to make Pakistan one of the key regional players in the gaming, animation, and multimedia industry by providing proper equipment, co-working facilities, and trainings over a period of five (5) years.

CEGA has the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the industry, as well as the country’s economy and exports.